Hello developers & designers!

This category is for topics related to hacking & designing on Nextcloud: submitting pull requests, UX design, configuring development environments, coding conventions, and so forth.

Please do not ask any support questions in this category. There are others more appropriate categories for that.

We have decided to merge the mailing list together with the forums to reduce the amount of different
communication channels and make it easier for new people to contribute. While we see that many people are in fact fans of mailing lists it has been shown that a lot of people would also appreciate a more modern channel to communicate.

Don’t worry, this does however not mean you can’t subscribe to this like you would to an usual mailing list! In fact, it is even possible to reply to topics via mail.

If you want to subscribe to this as a mailing list, the following steps are required:

  1. Register on the forum
  2. Go to your personal settings
  3. Scroll down to “Mailing list mode”
  4. Configure how often you want to receive messages. Usually you want to choose “Send me an email for every new post”.
  5. Exclude categories for whose you don’t want to receive notifications (e.g. “support”) in the “Categories” section further below.

To open a new topic in this category just send a mail to "help+dev@nextcloud.com" and a new topic will be opened for you. Please make sure to use the mail account that you have registered in your account.

Hi, (Looks very getchip.com) I’m a developer (currently SuperCollider, C, Java, PHP, …) and helping with a nextcloud install, SSL and all, and wondering how best to help. Nice product, I’ll have a think …