I have added a feature to Registrations App - How do I submit?


I requested a feature on the Registrations Github Repo a while back, but I couldn’t wait so I spend a few hours last night tinkering away and have added the feature.

It adds a toggle administration page for Registrations that allows you to hide the “Register” button on the log in page.

This is useful when you have a setup like mine where only staff and clients are to use the server, but I do not want random signups (which have been happening). Instead now, i can just send the client an email with the link to the registration page.

I would like to contribute the changes to the repo so it can be considered for a future update. How do I go about doing this?

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If your code is rather stable, I would create a PR against the upstream repo. The steps (roughly):

  1. Fork the Repo
  2. Commit your changes to a new branch, name it according to your personal liking
  3. Create a PR in the repo which uses your fork as a basis.
  4. Clear any open issues with the maintainer as needed.


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It is very stable. I checked various permutations several times. I am a bit obsessive like that.

I do want to make a few modifications still to the formatting of the text, so it’s consistent with the rest of the admin page, and figure out how to display the actual registration URL rather than a generic URL.

I will get to this early next week as I have to get started on an investor documentation as I have been approached by a potential investor for my AI business.

Thanks for your advice.

Thank you for your time and effort. This feature is a very nice addition.

I have been wondering about enhancing this app myself for a while now, but my own PHP skills is 10+ years back in time, and I will never claim I was even then, a good developer. The quality of the code I eventually can produce, will not do Nextcloud and the apps any justice unfortunately.

My Idea for an enhancement is to enable adding mandatory “fields”/attributes required in the registration form the admin settings.

I use an LDAP backend so also strict control of choosen username and mandatory attribute is needed for me, and I would like to make registration based on request and the possibility to add an optional registration code. The registration codes can be created in the admin panel aswell, and at creation of 1-n registration codes, you also chooses a group. So if a registration code is entered in the optional registration field, that code will ensure the user created after successfull registration flow, is added to that group.

This allows for guest registrations aswell as “normal” users, but also special invitation based. Imagine a solution where you can create - or prepare - an entire team of volunteers, classes, sports teams, where different roles are needed, but you do not know which individual will be choosen to be which “role”, hence a team lead or someone else, can hand out the corresponding codes to the right people, along with the registration url. Enables segregation and pre-build shares for individual groups of people removing a lot of administration overhead in dynamic organizations like a sports club, volunteers dependant NGO at events, or festivals with a fixed organizational structure, but where each position is filled by volunteers, who are vastly different event-by-event.

However I have solved this by implementing the PWM from the Ldap toolbox suite and tailoring that one as a registration, servicedesk and password management module for now. It works surprisingly well, but I do not like the dependency of external tools. I hope one day that these features - or similar - is added to the registration app, or someone better than me builds one.
This is not a request for someone to build this as if I was demanding anything. My hope is that it can inspire and maybe someone who has the skills suited for it, and by this also finds a need for the above themselves, would add it. If not, cool. Thank you all for your contributions, and I am a very happy user/administrator/owner of a selfhosted NC and gratefull for everything so far.


I myself am also more than 10 years behind in my PHP skills. I am talking back to the days of version 4.x. I have started a PHP 8 course, but time is not to my favour. Work work work.

About a year ago, a good friend of mine told me I would enjoy VueJS, so I did a crash course on Udemy but never applied what I learned. Good thing I did the course as I needed it this time around.

My VueJS modifications were a total of 10 minutes work. The rest was getting the PHP side of things to work, but saying “I don’t have the skills good enough to do it” is a defeatist attitude. Try, learn as you go, ask questions, make mistakes, fix the mistakes, succeed.

As per your advice: Added ability to hide registration link on login page. by thisiszeev · Pull Request #644 · nextcloud/registration · GitHub

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It is a fair comment, and noted.

My skillset is somewhere else and I try to help the community somehow else. Let me again just praise you again and Thank you for your controbution.

In general though what I enjoy with NC above other FOSS projects, is the quality of most of it. We also has different skillsets us humans, and we all (hopefully all) try to contribute in the best way we can. Some through actively pitching the product to whomever it make sense. Others by translations. And then again there are those who try to actively help others on the community where they have something to contribute with.
I rather help on forum and pitch/market NC than code, as I values quality over “good enough by my own skills”. It is also. Standard response when those with another skillset try to chip in with ideas, future wishes and so on, without putting out demands. And it is a sad reactions, as it will eventually Strangle and silence the inputs and ideas from anyone BUT those who can code.