Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?

For that, I’d invite you to check out Collectives! It’s Markdown with a visual/WYSIWYG editor, and it lets you link pretty easily between pages, in addition to external web links. Images and such can also be added.
It is limited to currently signed-in users, I believe. I’m not sure if there’s an option for making it publicly accessible, unless you share-link the pages one at a time from the Files app.

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PicoCMS. It might not be a fullblooded wiki, but it very easily transforms to one.

User should set up a Main controlling Nextcloud.
Currently, I have 6 different account on five different Nextcloud.
It would be nice to seamless Integrate all other Nextclouds into my personal Nextcloud. So the Application Bar shows all Apps available on all Nextclouds.

Either, if I tick on an app I get a chooser for the Nextcloud which content I like to see, or I have a seamless integration.

Specific on the “Contact” app there is an Important Need to work better with contacts and shared information. e.g. Ability to share groups · Issue #212 · nextcloud/contacts · GitHub
Goal: a contact only appear once in the Contact App. And Inside a Contact I control in which address book which information appear.

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Working offline in standalone and shared (p2p) modes to work with data when having outage and without access to the server.

Add addons for popular CMS so:

Add an addon to nextcloud, may enhance the social app so I could add blogs and other social media to follow and filter them by keywords.

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I too would like to see some type of Wallabag integration. I run my own instance and I find that I use it pretty often.

Also use the News app, in fact it is likely one of the apps that I use the most often and for my needs it makes due albeit I know that it is not really getting any heavy updates. Which is a shame.

I played with PicoCMS, and well, the whole point for me is to integrate my needs as much as possible into Nextcloud. However, the Text app destroys the YAML files, and since I am also running some Wordpress instances, I have yet to be able to move the smaller case uses into Nextcloud. And doubt that it will happen in the near future.


True. I wanted to like Joplin and I do. It runs well on its apps but the sync to Nextcloud makes it a non-choice. One can run a Sync server separately but doing so, removes the concept of wanting to have a centralized location for your notes on Nextcloud, unless you add extra steps.

A simple way to edit .html .js .php files, like i shared the entire subdomain site folder to edit on the nextcloud, could be a sublime text editor like Aapanel has, it would make my life way way way better. couse host sites/webapps on Aapanel is slow than a normal VM with LAMP.

BTW NC25 is way too good.

It would be really nice and useful to have the FolderTree navigation facility.
Is there any chance to see it happening ?

There once was an app called Sorts, that did that, it was announced half a year ago, but since then no new version came out, maybe it was abandoned? Nextcloud "Sorts" release 0.0.1: an app for files tree navigation and advanced files filters


Mod edit: Sorts is receiving no further development since it is a prototype designed over an internship that ended. See https://framagit.org/framasoft/nextcloud/sorts/-/issues/11

thanks for asking
yeah, an app that fixes its forever flourishing loggs by itself :v::smiley:

and an evolution of contacts, with a fixed display, and a list view!!

  • templates for new user accounts
  • a clear list of apps and the groups for which they are permitted

thanks! merry Christmas too late ^^

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@JRichelle (sorry for the delay, I’m back from vacations)

Indeed, Sorts is not actively developed anymore. It was really a proof of concept.
Now, the code is available, and it works pretty well for a 0.1 version (I still use it regularly).
See demo here : https://aperi.tube/w/ipjoNXNhmE1udKo5ZimKmD?start=2m0s

Not sure if @Aeredren is still available to help, but there was a good base for the software to be taken over by others (including his internship report : https://framablog.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/rapport-en-US.pdf (in french : https://framablog.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/rapport.pdf) )

Anyway, it remains to be seen if the demand is strong or not!

The demand is 100% there. Asked about Sorts at the conference and heard overwhelming praise, but also the desire for it to have been developed more directly with team members so it could even more deeply integrate into Files. Sounds like it will need substantial work to get such integration in the future, but absolutely it is loved. :heart:

If Sorts had been submitted I’m confident it would have been a top choice and won the developer some money for the Best App Contest. Cheers.

The demand is 100% there. I asked the NC engineers about Sorts at the conference and what I was told is it is extremely awesome, but would have benefited from input from the team in order to be developed with even deeper integration to the Files app. As is, needs a full rewrite afaik.

Also, sounds like it would have been top app at the conference if it had been submitted.

Simple forum-style discussion board for internal users

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Dear programmers, can you add this:

  1. dahua surveillance camera control and view… make it look like android app. Control cameras or have a camera wall.
  2. Make files view adjustable just like in windows explorer. Make adjustable columns, view types, sort by, group by.
  3. add tree explorer on the left - like windows explorer
  4. Make files selectable by click & drag.
  5. currently clicking file between icon and name will bring up properties… seems there is some area inbetween that has different function
  6. Allow users to modify how files are shown, such as size, margins, gap…
  7. Drag & drop application icons to sort them
  8. Add functional right click on anything, even empty area in files to modify view or change options
  9. Allow side panel to minimize in multiple levels: just show arrow to expand, autoexpand on hover over, show icons, show icons with text.
  10. update database once user is added. This is to prevent calculating of contents for all folders when user first joins. Right now nextcloud will work really slow for the user until all contents are read.
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Recurring tasks
that’s all.

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