Understanding ways to integrate and expand Nextcloud services with API's, Webhooks, etc

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Hi @Mannshoch

I read through your proposal and want to offer some clarification because what you are imagining does not actual make much technical sense. Stick with me, because what you have written is different from what might be possible. Few points:

  • I think it is cool that you’ve connected your proposal to other discussion threads, but what you’ve stated makes no sense as you describe it.
    • Friendly recommendation to close both issues.
    • Why? Because there are other technical ways to accomplish what you are discussing.
  • Social app is a Mastodon / ActivityPub compatible client app. Your requests are both unclear and will not be implemented so I recommend closing them both on Github.

There are a few ways to implement this:

  • Develop robust API’s for each app: Deck, Social, Calendar, etc.
    • Not specific to Social app, but more of a group effort shared across the entire dev team.
    • As you’ve noticed, this does not yet exist as most apps cannot communicate with one another in any of the ways you describe. All of the major apps are still very much in development so we just have to be patient as things stabilize and the possibility for more functionality like awesome API’s becomes possible.
  • This is becoming more of a reality with each new release, but it will certainly take time to become a reality.
  • Webhooks - this is how sharing a file can notify a Matrix chat room. There is a dedicated app for this, which also integrates with Flows (automated actions) app.
  • RSS - open standard for sending human readable notifications, which is already supported by the Activity and Bookmarks apps. Supported by all major services, including basically all chat services.
  • Federation between Nextclouds is a whole other topic, but it will depend on things like API’s, webhooks and other ways to share data between apps mentioned above.

I hope this makes sense as areas where development can happen. If this makes sense, you can close your issues in Social since that is not where this work will happen. :heart:

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