Thoughts on Nextcloud recovery, mirroring and forum performance

A Recovery mode and or a Mirror mode of the current users data copied to another media within the same system.

This is what I did for a NC 12 install.

Recovery time taken to new hardware ~2 weeks included in this is 386 GB’s 150 k image files of extra data saved from my previous NC 12 install that crashed or filled up.

I have tested the Mirror mode setup on one large file so far and also a remote virtual machine hosted online where I uploaded all the files to the Mirror and setup programs to use on windows to record videos and photos of a friend’s family event. I used the Nextcloud client at the remote end to sync up all the programs I had loaded as well as ffmpeg in linux to process the videos.
When I traveled home later on I connected to the cloud and synced up all the data to 2 places at home. A windows pc and a Linux pc with NC on it. I edited footage and converted files with Linux using ffmpeg then I waited while a sync with Linux to remote cloud and client then also my local windows install.
So 25 GB’s of NC data turned into over a 100 GB’s internet traffic on my end to complete this experiment.

I will test on Lan connection again.
You can transfer data at peak of ~800 Gbits/s with a SSH client Bitvise running on windows.
I have also spent a lot of time configuring and tuning the networking parameters in the registry in Windows 11 to improve performance of old recycled hardware with a new HDD not SSD.

I have a desktop version of Linux to use in this mode to the NC server in the same box.

You first setup profiles and use the desktop client to sync up the empty profiles with the spare HDD mounted in the /home folder. Not sure if this the correct way.

I am working on a test setup to try a ramdrive as well with the data already mirrored on my single HDD notebook.

So you dump/copy a files directly to the Mirror drive with SSH as a user not root.

I have done a test with a 4 GB single file and monitored iotop as it was going across the network. A Peak transfer data rate of ~250 MB/s was in the system with an old I5 SATA 2 bus. The activity lasted at least ~5 mins or longer, I just left it to process the data. The SSH transfer was finished and the NC server worked on the data.
I will have to test a NC client sync of the same file in a separate user profile over the network because my windows notebook is filling up.
I have previous synced my windows user profile to my NC 25 and it took 2 months to complete.

Another reference on this Mirror mode of operation and use

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