Setting up a Main Controlling Nextcloud when you have multiple servers with multiple apps

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User should set up a Main controlling Nextcloud.
Currently, I have 6 different account on five different Nextcloud.
It would be nice to seamless Integrate all other Nextclouds into my personal Nextcloud. So the Application Bar shows all Apps available on all Nextclouds.
Either, if I tick on an app I get a chooser for the Nextcloud which content I like to see, or I have a seamless integration.

Seems like a bit of overkill to me. Is there a specific reason why you keep a separate instance per 1.2 users? :wink:

A better solution, instead of installing another instance in order to control the already too many instances, would probably be more granular user rights management and ACLs. They already added a few things in the “Administration privileges” section of the settings. But there is certainly room for improvement.

Nextcloud meanwhile has its fame. If you are Member of some Clubs, interest groups or you are close friends with other Nerds you automatically get a Nextcloud account. Nextcloud is spreading.

Another account that get more and more is a matrix ID. I currently have three of them. Also, there not by registering the account my self.

Ah ok. Well Netxloud does support oauth, so you could setup a central auth server. But this would of course only make sense if you are in control of all these servers. And there is also the social login app

Nextcloud could of course also provide some kind of SAAS portal in order to manage multiple servers or useraccounts accros multiple servers, but this would kind of defeat the purpose of self-hosting. In theory they could also develop some kind of self-hostable central management server, but I doubt that something like this will be on their road map anytime soon…

And there is also the Federation app, which can be used for file sharing across multiple servers. Configuring Federation Sharing — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Yes, I use federated share already. But It only contains a low subset of Data to share. And the control of these Data is also not as good as it should be.

At moment, I do not anymore have the problem how to share data between devices.
I have the Problem to control which Data has to be on which device/server.

I do not have anymore a PIM Problem.
I have the Problem to control the flow of Personal Data stored in my address book.

In earlier Days I had only named Phone number on devices. Currently, thanks to CardDAV I store a lot more sensitive Data in my address-book like birthdays, all phone-numbers and email and home-addresses. And some Data in the Note. Some CardDAVs contains links to family-members. And I use these Data only for private purposes. In these days it’s even more important to control the data flow and currently I’m not able to do so.

OAuth is nice but. I’m not able to set up my own because there are no requirements that my Hoster support. He only allows using PHP/mysql/CGI/Perl. Therefore, he is cheap and I have no server software except Nextcloud to manage.

If you search the forum and Github you’ll find we have been discussing this over the years. I agree it is an excellent idea, but…

Nextcloud developers have already said no unfortunately.

For reference, here is the issue of user migration which partially shaped discussion towards basic user, migration now being added to Nextcloud. Of course, it does not resolve sharing apps across multiple Nextcloud servers.

It would also require data to be mirrored on the server side, which has also not been accepted for even files yet. You can also look up discussion here on the forum regarding the Zot protocol in terms of mirring/merging/migrating users across any number of servers…

I enhanced both Github issue with links.

See also my enhancement for social median Its a similar idea but not privat data management but for publications and input management:

This could be avoided If you set the rule, that only a nexcloud Administrator could setup his account as “Nextcloud Multi Profile Controler”