Tutorial: How to set up a Nextcloud development environment on Mac or Ubuntu?

Hello hello!

We have been working on a tutorial on how to set up a Nextcloud development environment using the docker of juliusheartl. As the steps differ quite a bit depending on the operating system, we made a tutorial for Ubuntu and Mac users.

You can find the tutorial here:

How difficult is it?
Well, it depends on your environment. If you have a fresh install, the tutorials should be reliable and straightforward. We also tested the tutorials with some people who already had other environments running on their computer, but those conflicted.

Tutorials for other operating systems
We are hoping for contributions of tutorials of a similar structure for other operating systems!
Edit: A windows tutorial is available too. See here for more information.

A video tutorial for Mac is available! See here:

We really hope this will be helpful for some of you :pray:


Great job! This is certainly a much better experience than I had bootstrapping my first app back then. Very approachable :+1:


Thank you so much. This is really very helpful for me. I am looking forward to further tutorials.

The ports 80 an 443 are exposed to the world. It would be better to restrict them to localhost. How can I do this?

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You can simply change these lines of the docker-compose.yaml nextcloud-docker-dev/docker-compose.yml at 2cec861c04154536f4f6402a455f345de80271e8 · juliushaertl/nextcloud-docker-dev · GitHub to

- ""
- ""

The main blog post on https://nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-app-development-tutorials/ does not mention windows. That might be fixed with an update comment, eventually.