Is there a "cleaner" app generator?

The current app generator at Generate app - App Store - Nextcloud produces a pretty fat application, it’s not just a skeleton to fill in your app code into, but an actual app that has some functionality. I find that when creating a new app, one has to remove a lot of things from this product, to end up with a starting point for the new app.

I would like to kindly request that the generator is either modified so that one can choose whether to generate a minimal app skeleton without functionality (i.e. one where there is no need to remove a lot of cruft) and the current more “complete” app example.

I agree with you, it’s one of the ideas I have as well but it’s not gonna happen with company resources in the short term since we prioritise documentation and tutorials first. Unless someone from community would be up for this of course, then I’m happy to have a call to get it going.
Source code is probably somewhere here:

He! To make good tutorials you could write a nice vue.js-Starting-Skeletonapp. With that app, new developers should easily learn with new tutorials! Youre order of creating learning content is wrong and the link you posted generates more questions than answers… a clean tutorial-series with the basic concepts of NC with Vue.js as a frontend should be a better way.

I welcome any help to get this done :slight_smile:
Would you be up for doing a pr?

He Daphne! Why not, but first i need the knowledge about it xD. It would be very nice to support the project on this side but for creating a good series i need 1on1-teaching from someone of the programming team and more experience!