New tutorial: How to set up your development environment on Windows

Hello Nextclouders,

We have published a tutorial on setting up a development environment for Windows users!

This is a follow up on the already existing tutorials on how to set up your development environment for Ubuntu and Mac.

The tutorial guides you through the steps to set up a development environment using the docker of juliusheartl .

You can find the tutorial here:

Go to “1 Setting up a development environment” and then to “Tutorial for Windows”

The steps for a Windows machine are not the easiest. You also really have to make sure your system meets the system requirements as outlined in the readme. We will try to help you if you have questions!

And when you have your development environment working, you can check out the next tutorials on developing a simple files plugin and developing a simple interface-only app.

All the best!


hi! We have again published a new version of the Windows tutorial. This new version is much shorter, easier to follow, and more solid. So if you ran into errors with the previous tutorial, give this one a try!
It’s in the location that is also linked in the main post:

Nextcloud app development tutorials final

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