New tutorial: how to develop a simple interface-only app

Hello Nextcloud friends,

We have just developed the third tutorial for our developer programme series.

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide how to develop a simple interface-only app, and is a follow up on the previous tutorial about developing a simple files plugin and the tutorial about setting up your development environment.

It’s meant to be a very simple app to introduce you to compiling javascript, network requests, and in fact the only thing this app can do is display and resize cat gifs.


You can find this tutorial (and all the previous tutorials) here:

The tutorial is perhaps a bit harder than the previous tutorials, mainly because it is longer and more topics are introduced. But we really tried hard to outline all the steps and explain the concepts :slight_smile:

We hope this will be useful for some of you :slight_smile:

All the best!



Thank you very much for the new tutorial.

Where is the configuration stored?
How can I show pictures from a users directory?

I would be glad to learn, how to store data in the database.


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The connection of an app with the database is not in the scope of this tutorial. We will cover this in later tutorials! For now the images are stored in the /img directory which will become clear when following the steps of the tutorial. Have you given it a try already?

Everything works fine. Thank you very much.
Now, I am practicing. I make some changes an look, what’s happening. And I try to enhance the app. Unfortunately I do not know where to find the information I need. That’s why I asked:
Where is the configuration stored?
How can I show pictures from a users directory?
It would please me, if you could add some exercises and links for further reading to the tutorials.

It’s nice, that the connection of an app with the database will be covered in a later tutorial.

You can find specific docs at

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hi @olheem
The configuration is stored in the database and is specific to each user. It’s in the oc_preferences table

You cannot show pictures from a users directory unless you make deep changes to the app. For this you would want to look into extending the controller method that gets the image list.

Thank you very much.

I searched in the documentation (thank you @ChristophWurst) and found But where do I find the documentation of OCP\Files\Folder or IRootFolder? Links would be great.


The NC server Php documentation can be found there:
I don’t know how often it is updated.

Using an IDE which parses project files can be of great help too. You get method auto-completion, PhpDoc support, type check etc…
I can recommend KDevelop (FOSS) and PhpStorm (not FOSS).


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