OnlyOffice Community Edition without 20 connections limitation


After one year of using Nextcloud and OnlyOffice, I just discovered that CommunityEdition has a limit for 20 user connections (20 docs or 20 diff users) wich is not great for me…

We are more and more users each day (around 30 users at the moment) ; and I have to make it work for more people…

So my question is : did some people have rebuild the code to remove this limitation ??

I quickly looked into the DocumentServer code and I guessed that the variable LICENSE_CONNECTIONS (in server/common/sources) is the one that we have to change.

At the moment I use the docker image so i will be happy to keep going with docker image

Thanks for your answers and help !

hey… maybe you want to take a look here on how to setup your own machine without any limitations?

and the i remember having read extensivly about a limitation to 20 users/10 docs (forum would know more abou it)

Thanks but the link you gave is about CollaboraOnline and not OnlyOffice :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yep alot of people are talking about this limitation but in my readings, i didn’t find no one who gave some hints about facing the limitation for OnlyOffice

oopps… i was searching for onlyoffice limitation 20 - and got this one so that i didn’t really look closer about which officesuite it was. sorry, my bad.

but maybe you want to search the forum yourself again to find out more about it. i am pretty sure there have been discussions about it here widely.

or maybe you’re gonna come to the conclusion to give the ppl at onlyoffice a try and at least call them for an offer? :wink:

good luck

OnlyOffice is a payed software, the limitations for 20 Users is because of the free community edition. If you need more connections you need to pay for a license, to hack around the license limitations in the free edition is certainly not legitimate.

I’m no pro in license but the code of the CommunityServer is under GNU GPL (find it here) which means I can modify the code and redistribute it.

I use Nextcloud and OnlyOffce for ethical reasons, getting out of Google and encouraging free software. I’m really not against making money with free software, but it is in my rights to modify the code if I want to :slight_smile:

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@quentingrap maybe here is a better place to put your question. or better send an email to

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Ok thanks for the link, i didn’t knwow this forum.
I reply to this thread and hope my reply will be accepted

I’m gonna try to follow this tutorial and change the good variable

I am not so sure emailing their sales team to ask about removing the limit from the source code will be a fruitful endeavor…

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I had errors following the tutorial. I opened this issue on github and i just receive help, i’m gonna check that…

it’s the only reliable source for his question. :wink:

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