OnlyOffice - changes in documents via OnlyOffice in the browser not in the downloaded files

Dear all,

something weird happens.
I can open docx-files with OnlyOffice in the browser, close them and reopen them in the browser. Everything ist fine, all changes are in the document.

However if the file is downloaded, all the changes made in OnlyOffice are lost. So obviously the changes are not safed although they appear, when the document is opened in OInlyOffice in the browser.

I am quite sure, that some settings are wrong, but I do not know, where to start.

Any suggestions?
Thanks for your efforts and support in advance!


Dear all,

it seems, that I did not search good enough.
The problem is already known (see

Solutions: (?)




Same here.
The newest Nc 22.02 with updates.
Even worse. Lost hundreds of hours of sales people: no versioning, downloaded file is empty, cannot open the key file.
This software should have been published with the repeated warning: your files can be cleared anytime, your work can be lost anytime.
Sorry for a bitter comment, but this is out of my imagination that someone could even have thought about releasing such an unstable software.