OnlyOffice Integration: File not updated in Files after editing, but

I’m trying the new NC18 and really happy about the easy Onlyoffice integration! Great work!

But if i’m creating a new doc, making some changes and save it, the file in file files app is empty after downloading on my PC… if i’m click it again to edit, the changes still be there.

The same on editing existing documents… editing in onlyoffice, all changes are available… also if i’m exporting it over onlyoffice… but if i’m downloading the file via nextcloud, everything is like before editing in onlyoffice.

you can see it on the file size, too…

is my config wrong or is it a bug?

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I can confirm this, editing files in integrated OnlyOffice works, but the files in the user folder are not updated.

I open an issue on github.

here we go:

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Oh great, thanks for creating an issue at github.

You wrote sqlite… on mysql DB its working?


I don’t know. I haven’t updated my production environment yet and my test instance uses SQLite.
Do you use SQLite oder MySQL/MariaDB as backend?

I’ll add the additional information to the issue.

Tried it now with sqlite and mysql (mariadb 10+). The issue is the same.

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Thank you for doing further tests, i’ve updated the issue.

Waiting for autosave is a workaround that at least works for me – see msg on Github

Just thought I would say I am seeing this issue today with a fresh snap install of Nextcloud on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I have not yet looked at the workaround but will do so now.