No Activity Notifications

I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04, Nginx, PHP 7.4, & Nextcloud 21.01. Everything is working fine except I’m not getting any activity emails at all. I setup the cron job for every five minutes and I watch it run without error in the syslog, but nothing happens. I get every test email that I send and use email 2fa that works perfectly. Is there anywhere I can look to get more info on why this is happening?

I have exactly the same problem on Nextcloud snap.

Can anyone please help??

Thanks in advance

I’ve tried everything I can think of with negative results. Changing permissions on the cron.php file, setting up full paths to php in crontab & piping the output to a log file which was blank. Every log I can find is saying the file is executing without errors, but still not emails.

Can anyone think of anything I can try to troubleshoot this issue?

Still having this issue. Can anyone suggest a troubleshooting direction?