NextCloudPi Install on Odroid HC4

Hi there people!
I am new to this forum and to NextCloud.
Do you have any recommendations for an Odroid HC4 install?
I purchased it with a NextCloudPI install in mind, but now i don’t see a fitting image.
Can I use the HC2 one? Or is it better to use Armbian?
I am hopelessly lost. I thought it would be easier.

Thank you very much for your answers to a noob!

Hi David,
I also got the HC4 and I’ve spent a lot of time in the last 4 weeks trying to get my setup to run.
What are your requirements?

The situation from my experience:

  • Armbian image is working, but NextCloudPi didn’t install correctly. Still troubleshooting this.
  • Official Ubuntu Mate image from Odroid is working, but haven’t tried running NC/NCP on it yet.
  • DietPi does not have an image yet, but the dev said that the Odroid C4 image should work (not the HC2 one, as it has a different chipset).
  • NCP image is not yet ready and building one as per the NCP blog where it is described failed for me.

Hi Johannes,

I wanted to have a slim lean installation and OS so that I will get the max performance out of NCP.
But it also should be easily updateable for security against attacks. see this (german)

I am currently trying it with Debian similar to the hardkernel recommended OMV install and the NextCloudPi recommendation.

But somehow I am currently stuck with the curl bash command.

I’m totally with you. Something isn’t working right with NCP on the HC4. I have brought this up on the Telegram chat group, but was faced with rejection mostly and “the installer works” claims.

I did start a thread about all my issues over here:

If I can help you somehow, let me know what you have trouble with.

For me it actually seems to work now!
See my self-answered thread over here:

baking an image for the HC4

Just wanted to share my experience for those coming here due to this problem:

managed to install Nextcloudpi to several different SBC but failed on odroidHC4
even though there’s a current image ( Index of /downloads/NextCloudPi_odroidHC4_12-12-20/ )
Problem was, the odroidHC4 never gave the option to boot from SD
(the net install at the boot menu through exit / “netboot_default” gave the option to install debian 10, 11 or ubuntu), but no chance to boot from the prepared image (yes, I did change the boot to boot from SD - no success)

The solution is as easy as it is hard to find and is base on incompatible petiboot:

(at the very bottom)
in short:
boot menu exit to console and execute following commands:

flash_eraseall /dev/mtd0
flash_eraseall /dev/mtd1
flash_eraseall /dev/mtd2
flash_eraseall /dev/mtd3

exit and reboot, enjoy starting your NCP from SDCard
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I just pulled the NextCloudPi_odroidHC4_12-12-20 image down and followed the instructions by FraZon. It boots up to a login prompt from the SD-card, but the default username/password of pi/raspberry is not working. Is there a different one for this image or another login I can try. At this point, it doesn’t look like it is accessible from remote ports like SSH or 4443.

I dont have my HC4 runing right now, since it’s still missing the SATA support, but after booting the device, try to go to https://
it’d bring you to the Initialization Page

Dear all,
I followed all advices found here and got the NCP running on the Odroid HC4.
However, in SSH i lack SATA support. It took me some time, but after understanding df -h in the shell I do not see the SATA drives.
USB drives are shown.

Can you help me?

the Nextcloudpi image does NOT support odroidHC4
i’ve been waiting 2 years for a working image, the 2020 image didn’t have SATA support, the 2021 doesn’t even boot. Maybe the 2022 image will work, but I wouldn’t wait for this.
instead of removing the HC4 image they keep people trying and failing.

→ only working way:
use the odroid hc4 armbian image and install NCP afterwards

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Trying enabling from armbian-config

I’ve tried throu panel and armbian-config with no success

Answer is to update ncp tool to fix.

I would install a basic Ubuntu, setup network bridge on LAN and install NextcloudPi in an LXD container:

snap install lxd
lxc import
lxc start ncp