Nextcloud docs ( down

I am trying to go to
It seems to be down, can you confirm?


Thanks for the report, should be up again :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately not :cry:

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Hmm, loading for me, but also very unresponsive…

I can confirm the unvailability of the website.

We are aware and working on it, thanks for the reports!

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It seems as if “” is down aswell.


Yes, and downloads. Multiple endpoints are affected


It is still down as of 8:00 PM Central Standard TIme.

It is still down as of 08:00AM Central European Time

If you need the docs really badly right now, you can build and show them locally if you cloned the GitHub repository for the documentation.

oh that might explain why I dont get any updates, but rather weird that nextcloud says “up to date” instead of “Update check failed” or whatever

That happened to me too…
I installed nextcloud from the OpenSuse repo which installed 24.0.8.
I tried updating but it told me it was up to date (which is a strange behavior in my opinion).
So i uninstalled again (thinking that maybe this old version looks for an old server which doesn’t provide any newer versions…)

And then i tried to download the normal zip archive to install manually but all the links on your website sent me to a dead page…

So then i downloaded the 27.0.2 zip from your GitHub but with that i got an error telling me to check the “3rdparty” folder which is empty… (I am guessing these zips aren’t meant for fresh installing?)

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While everything was up and running shortly, it is now down again. Looks like an issue outside of our responsibility right now. Just wanted to let you know we’re still working on this.

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Ah, this must also be why the Administration Overview page is taking so long to load as I guess that it checks right away against the update site. I was in the middle of testing a PHP upgrade on a test site and thought it was due to a configuration on my end. Glad I saw this and didn’t keep digging.

So, should be resolved - fingers crossed…

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Hey everyone, the problematic hardware has been replaced and should now work without problems. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your patience!

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Thank you!

I have a few follow up questions from this outage (happy to start a new thread):

  1. Are there any mirrors available in case the servers/services involved go down again?
  2. The tarballs at are different than those at Why? How are the tarballs created?
  3. How does one install Nextcloud from source? I followed steps used by a Docker image, but one of the key steps is downloading a tarball from and I’m not sure how those are created.


Update: related, relevant, and useful, IMHO: Nextcloud - Debian Wiki

The main steps are outlined at Development environment — Nextcloud latest Developer Manual latest documentation. Which, admittedly, is a bit problematic when docs are also down :sweat_smile:

Regarding the other 2 questions I need to investigate next week. Right now I am not aware of a mirror. Regarding the differences, I think the published tar ball also contains some apps (like viewer), but I need to check in more detail to get you a more confident answer on that one.

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It’s still down for me, as of 8/26/23 9:17pm CST (USA, Central Time Zone)