Nextcloud Desktop Client 3.2.1 is out with some virtual files bugfixes

The Desktop team just released version 3.2.1 of the desktop client, the first bugfix release after 3.2 introduced Virtual Files.


  • Do not schedule reboot when installing MSI in silent mode unless
    'SCHEDULE_REBOOT is set.
  • Display VFS sync folder within the navigation panel on Windows.
  • Windows MSI. Do not allow installing Nextcloud client on < Windows 10 or <
  • fix errors when calling CfRegisterSyncRoot by setting more fields
  • add info in the installation page about the supported server versions
  • status wrong for directories when using vfs and nextcloud desktop 3.2.0
  • update the news part of documentation with improvements from 3.2 release

Get it now on our website! Let us know how this release works for you, we always appreciate feedback. :hugs:


Hello @jospoortvliet that’s nice to hear!

One thing I noticed after installing the client and rebooting the machine, should’t be an icon shortcut on Windows Explorer like the following example?

EDIT: I did not understand at first that this was said in:

All the best, have a nice weekend!


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Hi @Beltran1337, did you really install v3.2.1?
This was an issue with 3.2.0 and should be fixed with 3.2.1…

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Hello mate, thank you for sharing that.

I did not install the 3.2.1 yet, I wanted to know about that first.

That’s definitely great news!!


I have Win7 and the latest update did not go well, some .dll file was missing.
When I opened the desktop client page I only saw the one for Win10, what happened to Win7 client and where can I find it?
I really hope you did not drop that version because I don’t use Win10 on my desktops or laptops and will not switch to Win10 yet.
In fact most MS clients are still using Win7 OS.
Thank you

I doubt that. There are way too many still using Win7 considering the fact that it has not been officially supported for more than a year now, but not a majority. And yes, I know that you can buy extended Support, but if you want to use all the latest and greatest features of recent software products, you have to upgrade at some point. Better sooner than later, if you ask me. :wink:


Hey guys, hope you are all doing well…

I’m testing the client 3.2.1 here so I can put on production after the tests, every bug that I found on 3.2.0 was fixed (THANK YOU!!).

But one problem (which isn’t exactly a problem, just something that makes it a little annoying) is that my computers have to restart twice. Is this a bug or it happened to everyone?

Thank you guys.

All the best.

Testing now, working so well, thank you so much, that’s an amazing feature!

I just installed 3.2.1 and I have the feeling that previously (client 3.1), .lnk files (shortcut in Windows) were synced (at least that I could remove these files from the Ignored Files list.

On 3.2.1, I can’t force the sync anymore.

Am I wrong?

I have submitted a github issue .lnk files cannot be synced anymore in 3.2.1 · Issue #3244 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

Yes I know that published figures show around 33% Win7 against 65% Win10 but still it is important to consider it, and MS not supporting Win7 for security updates doesn’t mean we cannot use it anymore, plus there are still updates which are being pushed despite the NON-support announcement. Sorry to notice that many bugs have affected WIn10 and there are still patches being announced, I actually use it for my work and I am more convinced that Win7 is more stable and makes the job very well.

Windows 10 is kind of a semi rolling release distribution :wink: There will always be new bugs that have to be fixed, like in any other OS and software nowdays. But staying on old software is not a sustainable. The opposite is the case. The disadvantages of an old system will get bigger and bigger over time and the conversion to a new system doesn’t get easier the longer you wait. I don’t even want to talk about the security implications, that a mainly unsupported OS brings with it. But in the end, of course it’s your decision whether you want to upgrade or not…

Hi there,
my nextcloud client 3.2.1 crashes after I start it.
Yes, I have a lot accounts, because I have a lot of stuff that at some times has to sync fast in order to get files to my people. So I don’t want to wait 30 Minutes for one accont to check the whole filesystem, even though only one file has changed.

However, I get the error (sorry, this is in German):
GLib-ERROR **: 16:03:03.508: Creating pipes for GWakeup: Zu viele offene Dateien
Trace/Breakpoint ausgelöst (Speicherabzug geschrieben)
saying: “too many open files”

The log file is 1.3MB large, so here is a link :

What would be the fix of this?


Even if that forum is not a bug tracker, could you please share with us (maybe as a github issue) what is exactly going on ?

Actually I confirmed it: previous versions allowed to sync .lnk files. Is it possible to solve that? [edit: lnk, not lst]

I did not find any place where to put bug reports. Please let me know where to report those to.

What I did: I started the AppImage, since this the Arch respoitories only let me install 3.2.0 (with wich I had the same problem).

Here is a short screen recording:


Windows 7 get not Desktop Version 3.2 and higer, for W8.1 is the same. Discussion on Github: Nextcloud-3.2.1-x64.msi will not install on Windows 8.1 x64 · Issue #3245 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

you can modify the list of blocked files in the settings

best place is github -

Unfortunately @jospoortvliet it’s not possible to sync .lnk files anymore :frowning: This is confirmed by @FlexW in [3.2.1 regression] Shortcut .lnk files cannot be synced anymore · Issue #3244 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

It’s a pitty that users cannot choose which files they want to sync. If they want to sync .lnk files, they should be able to do so.

[edit: lnk, not lst, sorry for the confusion]

For a follow up, I copy here my message from Github, as the issue has been closed there:

I would have appreciated to see a warning before installing it (in the changelog for instance).

I also would like to better understand the issue mentioned in #3057: would it also happen if we sync files only between Windows systems? (only the server hosting Nextcloud is under Debian)

Also, is there a possibility to see this solved in the future? (to be able to sync last files again) In this case, shouldn’t we leave this issue open?

Cannot get 3.2.1 to upgrade on Windows Server 2016 running Remote Desktop Services. Prior versions installed fine prior, but now complains that it is not Windows 10 version 1709. Is there a way to tell the installer to ignore the build version?

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