Nextcloud + Collabora online


I need some help here. I did the following.

  • nextcloud ipadress
  • collabora ipadress (not the docker version)
    -nginx reverse proxy

i cant get nextcloud to open up documents with my own collabora server.

Also if i trie the internal urls this is working

This is not working:

I use ssl termination on collabora server.

office documents wont open up in nextcloud.

What could be the problem here?

hmmm collabora with nextcloud is working. i can open documents in the web browser.

However when i use the android client nextcloud the document keeps loading and loading.

anyone that can help me with this?

take a look at this picture to understand how Nextcloud and Collabora integration works (lot of good threads regarding this topic exist on this forum). I have no idea if it is supposed to work without https… most likely not.


I use ssl certificates now. In my browser it works, even from outside my lan. However when I open a file from my Android phone(nextclient app) it keeps loading.

If I use the browser on my phone it works.

Whatever i trie. it seems to work in the browser internal network and external network.

but not on the nextcloud android app. anyone having the same issues???

if i use the buildin collabora server it works but when i use the standalone it wont work?

Now what i did to try it once again.

i secured all with letsencrypt certificates.

  • nextcloud
  • collabora server
  • reverse nginx proxy allredeay had this.

within the browser it all works and loads. (internal and external network)

with the android application from nextcloud it wont load documents. (keeps loading) als when connected to wifi it wont load documents.

seems like a bug in the nextcloud android app? or am i really missing something here?


Thanks for your reply.

All is now with ssl certificates. Everything works web-based internal and external network.

However android client won’t load files internal or external?

Can you help me?

Such issues often result from IPv6 issues. Mobile devices often prefer IPv6 if there is DNS record configured for it… but it’s harder to make it work, especially within internal network… router often have IPv6 port forwarding separated from IPv4 (and often forgotten for this reason).


But i can login and i can see the files. no issues what soever. only problem is that the client wont load the office files.

When i install the build in collabora server it works as expected. (also on mobile client) When i use my standalone collabora server it works except for the android client.

just confirmed.
ipv6 is off @ my internet connection

I’m sorry my crystal ball is blurry today… Please try to analyze the issue, collect and review logs and come back with the problem you have…

In general there should be no difference in desktop and mobile client - if you see this you got the hard job to identify this issues and find the solution…

I’m sorry I have no experience with Nginx… the only setting feels “wrong” in my eyes is I’m under impression https works with hostnames only… but from the fact it works for the browser there should be no problem with certificates behind the reverse proxy.

I’m using traefik and plain http behind the reverse proxy. In my setup .odt file opens from mobile client with collabora…

I already tried without https.

But then it’s the same. I think I will never resolver this problem.

I don’t know where to look further.

I was thinking,

How should dns be handled?

Now I have the following. → Public ip → Public ip

And that’s it. Both are reachable on the internet. Is there something else that it needs?

However when I am home in te evening I will try to create a new reverse proxy container and see if that works.

Maybe this way I can eliminate some things.

There is not a lot. You need

  • dns for both systems
  • reverse proxy for both systems
  • valid TLS cert for both systems
  • configure collabora fqdn within NC
  • configure NC host within Collabora

please review this thread maybe you find some details useful:

Hi this is how i got it now.

  • dns for both systems "Public dns for boths systems is ok"

  • reverse proxy for both systems "i have one reverse proxy server that proxys to boths systems. nextcloud and collabora."

  • valid TLS cert for both systems "both have letsencrypt certificate"

  • configure collabora fqdn within NC "this is also done"

  • configure NC host within Collabora "this is also done"

I reinstalled a reverse proxy. with minimal setup. same issue.

So what i am asking myself is this correct. I setup public dns entries for nextcloud and collabora. They both are on the same public ip address. So when i go to i will hit my reverse proxy system and will redirect me to my nextcloud system. I did the same for collabora.

Is id needed for collabora do be accesable for the outside world?

So i dont run a reverse proxy on collabora system itself. The proxying is done from 1 machine only to collabora. and also to nextcloud.


i tested it all. browser is working. Android app not. there is something else going on.

I am using these versions.

  • collabora (standalone version)
  • nextcloud 23.0.2
  • Android Client 3.19.0

can you check if you are using the same versions? and is it working on your end to open up office documents?

Please do not create multiple topics on the same issue. Thanks

Sorry @just

you can close this one to.

i created " Problem with collabora and nextcloud 23.0.2 "

it seems to be a bug however i can not pinpoint it. If someone could check if the latest versions are working and the mobile nextcloud app is opening office documents then i am a lot further.

I am using the standalone version of collabora. not the build in core app.