🛠 Nextcloud 23 RC 1 is here - testing time!

Hi all,

I know many of you were already trying out the beta’s, but now it gets real: RC1 is here! This release has plenty of nice improvements all over the place, but, as always, we especially want to make sure the update process goes smooth so be sure to test that if you can.

Check out basics like file handling, document editing, the user and admin settings - and click around.

Of course, you can test out the backup app we recently announced and test out our apps - install/update some from the app store. We try to make our core apps like Talk and Groupware available for 23 already so you can test them out!

Leave feedback here, or in the respective apps’ Github repository issue list.

You should be able to upgrade to 23 if you’re on the beta channel now, or install it directly from https://nextcloud.com/install (see the testing section, bottom-right of the page).

Happy testing! :toolbox:

Please add any unsupported apps in 23 to this list

And a link for the translations: