Hello Translators and Nextcloud users. We need your support for next major release v23 coming soon

Hi everybody,

the Nextcloud server developers are in the process of preparing the upcoming major release v23.

We just wanted to let you know that we are closing in on the version 23 release of Nextcloud and if you have some spare time, we would appreciate your help to get more translations 100% complete.
Several resources belong to the project. Here is a list:

See first section “Core + important”.

Release date is 1 December 2021 and the schedule can be found here:

Please help us to provide complete translations in as many languages as possible.
Many languages are already fully translated. Here it would be very good to review the translated strings.

Thanks in advance for any help to make Nextcloud 23 available to many users in many languages.

Many thanks.

Some notes on “String Freeze”:

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On behalf of all translators of the Nextcloud Community, I also warmly invite you to translate. Only together will we be successful.


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