Nextcloud 23 RC3 is ready for your input, almost at the finish line! 🏅

Hi all,

We’ve gone RC1-2 and now it’s 3! Please, help us test it! Like with the earlier RC’s, see if your problems are fixed and check out basics like file handling, document editing, the user and admin settings - and click around.

Test out the backup app we recently announced and test other apps - install/update some from the app store. Core apps like Talk and Groupware are available with their own test versions for 23 already.

Leave feedback here, or in the respective apps’ Github repository issue list.

You should be able to upgrade to 23 if you’re on the beta channel now, or install it directly from (see the testing section, bottom-right of the page).

Also: help us update the list of apps not yet compatible with 23 :toolbox: (and help get those apps updated!) and if you’re one of our translators - thank you - this is the final sprint to get 23 fully translated :flags: so step on that gas!

Happy testing and translating!


Just updated my test VM to RC3.
As I followed to install recommended apps I have trouble with app “social”. It downloaded app v0.4.2 but I am unable to activate it. It says “An error occured during the request. Unable to proceed.”

Log says “Exception: Undefined class constant ‘TEXT’ in file ‘/var/www/nextcloud/apps/social/lib/Migration/Version0003Date20200611000001.php’ line 228”.

The social app is not compatible with NC23. See

Yes, just seen it.

NC23 recommended this to me. So better change this.
Are you aware of the source location of recommended apps?

Update from 22.2.3 on our test server with PHP 7.4 and a lot of activated apps worked flawlessly via the web updater. It is still a bit confusing, like in previous upgrades, that the updater says some incompatible apps were deactivated (e.g. Spreed), but actually they are updated and re-activated once you leave the updater.

It seems that, even officially no longer supported, Nextcloud 23 still works fine with MySQL 5.7-35, which is good news for people who have webhosting or managed server contracts with most German providers. (Yet I have not tried the mail app, which is one of the reasons of not supporting old MySQL anymore afaik).

Language confusion
For testing report purposes I switched my user language from German to English, yet some parts stayed in German, e.g. Dashboard greeter, Collectives (Bearbeiten/Edit button, last active information), Contacts editing (“Sekunden”). It stayed the same even after logging off and on and also after changing locale to English.

Non-compatible apps
In the area of “typical use-case apps”, some were still marked as non-compatible, e.g. Appointments, Brute-force settings, and Whiteboard integration. The latter surprised me a bit, because not long ago the Whiteboard was presented together with a major version of NC (no updates since February, it seems).
The “Hub App Bundle” proposes the internal Collabora CODE server, which is also marked as not ready yet.

On some of the new features:

  • The new user profiles seem to work, but most importantly switching them off individually also works :wink:
  • I was not able to figure out what the app “Contacts interaction” does, but I realized it was also there at NC 22 already.
  • The Administration Privileges is a nice idea, but from my point of view the most interesting aspects were not present: usually a user like a secretary should be allowed to add groupfolders or manage users in general, but not other admin stuff. Unfortunately exactly those two options are not available in the Administration Privileges view.
  • The old issue that you can’t remove groups from the Contacts app is still persistent. Actually Nextcloud lies to me: when I remove the last user from a contact group it says “There are no contacts in this group”, but upon reloading Contacts, the last user is again/still member of the contacts group. (mostly covered here Contact groups can't be deleted · Issue #1175 · nextcloud/contacts · GitHub)
  • In personal notifications I dearly miss the on/off feature “inform me when someone was added to one of my groups”, because in privacy related environments (e.g. group “Betriebsrat” or others), it should be made sure that no other person can be added in secret.

All in all NC 23 seems like a steady and solid progress, but just from the user side it’s not so obvious why this is a new major version. But maybe I just missed out a lot of detail work – which of course is difficult to recognise when you don’t know what to look out for :wink:

Thanks @ Nextcloud developers for your work! Nextcloud rocks! :rocket:


I was not able to figure out what the app “Contacts interaction” does, but I realized it was also there at NC 22 already.

As far as I know it provides the Recently Contacted address book.

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