New NC desktop 2.6.1 available online

@camila Thanks to the devs there is a new NC desktop 2.6.1 available online.


Please find the new NC desktop 2.6.1 2019-11-05 available online at:

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Nextcloud GmbH


Der neue NC desktop 2.6.1 2019-11-05 ist frisch gepresst online verfügbar geworden auf:

Dazu von dritter Seite eine hilfreiche deutschsprachige Anleitung aus Thüringen:

Freibleibend ohne Haftung.

The release candidate triage was

Happy hacking.

You found a new bug / idea for a new feature?

This is an open forum and the GitHub Issue list is almost as open, I presume. Meet the “freaks” — und triff nicht nur dumme Jungs sondern auch mal echt schlaue “Hacker-Mädchen”.

Any reasonable reports “by dummy users made for the true nerds” of the NC devs community are quite welcome, I presume. — CC @tflidd

  • Please consider to download and enable the NC issuetemplate app as this could help in producing the appropriate details for reports.
  • Drop something reasonable at desktop/issues
  • Did you know? One may make use of the owned GitHub credentials for log-in into this forum.

It’s all FOSS and being agile, I presume. Just join the quest and catch the most ugly bugs and help devs to bring around the features you want…!

Look, you may even meet old friends and can re-open an issue, a fortune cookie to the devs:

Free future at you fingertips and you can get involved too.

CC @camila — Hi again and see you with a new bucket list soon, I presume.

Hip hip hurray!


Apparently, there are several issues with the current NC 2.6.1 desktop App on Mac OS X / macOS.

Please consider to use the bucket list to get some awareness. What do you think?

Happy hacking.