Nextcloud client for Mac 10.9

I am looking for a Desktop Client for Mac 10.9. On the download-page I found clients down to 2.5 but they don’t seem to work with OS 10.9.
Thank you for any suggestions

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@roneu – Welcome and get a virtual sign of my sympathy for your nice contribution.

Maybe you could seek to make this a new issue by your own?

You could consider to have a look on more details at:

Happy hacking.

hmm, as I understand this, the older ones are not availaible anymore (if I don’t want to compile them by myself). The discussion seems to me, as if there is no chance (I’m not too much in the issue) Too bad!

@roneu – There is always a chance and some arguments of the devs may be quite debatable.

Howeve, the question is not limited to if you can compile some thingies by your own or not. An option for a home user would be to make your request more obvious by a new issue in GitHub and one could see what the future may bring around.

Please note, the devs made a v2.6.1 macOS 10.10+ (legacy) version on short notice although they had just the a.m. arguments you seem to ref.


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thanks! but 2.5 doesn’t start and 2.3.3 causes an error, but thanks anyway!

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Apple changed too much since macOS 10.9 - and NC on the other hand did as well. So your best bet would be to compile a recent macOS desktop client yourself.

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