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Hi there…

Suddenly in a new thread and under a nice new title like ’ MacOS UI feedback ’ I take the excellent opportunity to invite everbody to have some more thorough looks at macOS GUI issues of the recent NC desktop App. Please get involved and find the bugs to help the developers to improve both stability and usability of one of the more prominent pieces of Nextcloud software to get involved with your most beloved files & data at the Nextcloud cloud storage.

This thread is Mac OS X / macOS concentrated. Users of other OS platforms please be advised there may be some other bucket lists around more to your liking already.

:man_technologist: Mac OS X / :woman_technologist: macOS trials

Please consider to have a look at open issues first before producing redundant new issues:

There seem to be about 103 open issues at the time of this writing. Please help the devs in better identifying reasonable issues, join in for discussion of feature aspects and volunteer to support some triage.

Please consider to download and enable the NC issuetemplate app as this could help in producing the appropriate details for reports. However, some short and concise issue report may do the job also, I presume.

The below post and embedded link could be of some use to some of you, I presume.

Great work @kroko – IMHO some cool patterns included.

Happy hacking.

Was not really related to branded clients. I don’t get the point about extra stable. In the bug tracker it’s not about stability, it’s the user interface where you see improvements? And you already reported it there…

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Branded Nextcloud clients

Nice idea…

@system – However, will you provide some extra-stable i.e. more stable version than stable for this?

Just curiuos.

@tflidd – Thank you. I see your point.

I made this comment out of some curiousity. One aspect is to learn what this community may be, what reactions could be and what players may become visible.

Learning is doing and observing, I presume.

So as a forum “Anführer” i.e. member at ‘community leader’ level one is free to move comments from original authors to other threads of this open and free forum?

Apparently, I have somehow overlooked the “Über uns” for a some time.

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However, users of old irons like Mac OS X 10.9 legacy Macs cannot expect much, if I understand this post correctly:

The usual advice seems to be “do a self compile”. Naturally, this is FOSS and thus a valid solution.
Nevertheless, one could make a request to get extended legacy support for old irons, I presume.