Nextcloud hidden files Client sync configuration for coders

I just pushed my take on how to configure hidden file sync for coders. Originally is was macOS biased, now this list is used on all MSW, BSD/nix and macOS machines in studio and home.

The list can be found here

If anyone finds this helpful, but sees missed or bad things / has some ideas, PR is always welcome. :slight_smile:

As you can see Todo section includes dream of being able to automatically import such rules via client app (CSV or XML format), therefore I added feature tag to this post. So such rules can be spread to anyone within specific Nextcloud infrastructure (many users) fast and easy. Could this feature be considered?


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Oldie but goldie

Treasure hunting in the Nextcloud user forum dungeons has it’s benefits, I presume.

Cool patterns and excellent list.

Thank you so much.