Will Nextcoud stay on github or move to gitlab, following other projects?

You probably read these rumors:

Other open-source projects have been moving to gitlab lately for various reasons:

Is Nextcloud considering migrating too?


What is the downside of mentioned owner change?

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Mostly this is being referred to by black hats: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embrace,_extend,_and_extinguish.


Microsoft has contributed a lot to different OSS projects. Nobody knows what GitHUb will be in three years. Let’s see.

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Is MS buying Github really that scary? It seems like an awfully knee-jerk emotional reaction to even consider switching for that reason alone.

I’ve heard nothing that indicates a change of host provider is warranted. The cliched “Embrace, extend, extinguish” has been more of a google thing for the last decade.

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ownCloud back in the days was hosted on some horrible GPL licensed online Git ui. It was a good idea back then to migrate to GitHub since it was ahead by a lot. Nowadays the situation is different and there are a lot of good enough alternatives. It’s definitely time to rethink the stack that Nextcloud uses for development.

I don’t want to use any Microsoft/Google/Facebook product. They will steamroll you with small, shitty and anti privacy policies because they can and they know it. Just wait until GitHub gets Skype integration, until your Microsoft account will be connected with GitHub (like Skype was), your data will be sold to advertisers and ads will show up on GitHub. Just look at Skype which is a pretty recenty example. Skype and Windows also had a working business model, nontheless Microsoft opted to sell their users’ data.


@BernhardPosselt totally agree. Open / Free code should be hosted on open / free platforms. Probably gitlab is lesser evil, but I would love ot see platforms like framagit.org or salsa.debian.org getting some traction thanks to big open source projects pivoting from github.


Agree - but why not self-hosted GitLab for full self-control? In the free version even CI/CD is available afaik. I mean, we already all do have self-hosted NC instances, haven’t we? :slight_smile:


Announcements are out. MS bought it. Please do not start flame war here.

EDIT: Existing posts are not an issue. Just seen discussion at heise is starting.

Flame war? I don’t feel that discussing the benefits of being independent from the “big guys” is flaming. Au contraire - I think it’s almost a responsibility, honestly.


No Flamewar, just plain facts: https://monitor.gitlab.net/dashboard/db/github-importer?orgId=1
I recommend not to use gitlab or github, use your own servers located in EU!

Unofrtunately the flaming quality on heise has diminished a lot - it’s almost everyone writing just a post and basta. No more 50 post “flames” as true discussions as seen in the past :wink:

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BTW, from what I’ve gathered so far the general course of action is to wait and see how things unfold. If things get worse, appropriate action will be taken.

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Exactly. One example is their “take it or leave it” approach regarding GDPR privacy compliance.

Aside from that, Github is not really FLOSS. It never was actually. Gitlab for example at least has an open source community edition and no CLA anymore. Gogs is fully OSS.

Well, at least you can selfhost Gitlab. It is a European Company aswell.


Nextcloud is promoting open source software, so they should as well whenever possible. And if it is not self-hosted, it would be great that they get it as a service of an open source solution. Like they expect everybody to chose Nextcloud in favor of any proprietary solution.


Agree. My intention of this post was not to start a flamewar.
It should be a healthy discussion or re-evaluation of development platform in current context.
MS buying Github could perhaps be a reason, or not. But I also read that CI in gitlab could be better or easier than github, but my knowledge on that subject is limited. That’s why I posted in Dev category, where our loved developers can give expert opinion.

Maybe time to think about a federated and Nextcloud compatible git solution?

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Well, maybe not. Solutions like GitLab and GitHub are much more than just Git Repositories. Their issue queue, merge request management, CI/CD infrastructure, etc is something that keeps you busy alone. I don’t think NC should get into this arena.

But I second the idea that NC may want to be hosted on a platform which follows the same ethics being OSS and user driven. Both has not been the case for GitHub even long before the acquisition and has been the reason for many to leave. Even the GNOME project shifted over to GitLab recently although there had been common leaders in both projects for many years.

Self-hosting GitLab is pretty simple and it sits very nicely next to NC in your own network. The community edition is extremely powerful and would most likely fulfill all the requirements out of the box.


You crazy :slight_smile: ?

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@BernhardPosselt “Maybe we should think about a federated, self-hosted, cross-plattform capable and WebDav compatible file sync and share Dropbox-like solution”

You crazy?