Groupfolders 2.0.0 breaks NC 14 and NC 15

Groupfolders 2.0.0 can break NC 14 and NC 15 functionalities. For details see issues

  1. Internal Server Error after update to v 2.0.0
  2. groupfolders break users list
  3. occ doesn’t work after upgrade to v2.0.0

for details and possible workaround.


continuing issue with groupfolders 2.0.1 apparently:

see commentary migration of NC from 13.0.7 to grabs group folders 2.0.1 but results in a frozen and defunct protocol window for some details

see new issues:

  1. groupfolders 2.0.1 breaks “logging” view of Admin NC Web GUI and maybe more #246
  2. TypeError: Upgrading to groupfolders 2.0.0+ breaks FTS #417
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Besides a huge amount of debug messages (maybe good stuff for developers but mostly irrelevant to the admin) there is no error left relevant after updating to groupfolders 2.0.2 , I would conclude.

Good to know one can seemlessly update an app even after a patch . However, I certainly agree with @pgassmann #247 (comment) and would hope for general improvements accordingly.

Nevertheless I would like to thank @icewind1991 for the timely support and advice. I highly appreciate the efforts and time put into a free and open source app like Group folders in collaboration between mainly @icewind1991 and all the other contributors.

I would call this problem solved and issue closed if I rwill eceive no other advice in the mean time.