First RC of Nextcloud 29

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We need your help testing Nextcloud 29 RC1!
Dive in, explore features, uncover bugs, and share your insights.
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Changelog (from beta6)


Please also note the call for translations of the new version:

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I decided to install it on the test system. Maybe I’ll try to keep up a little earlier in the game.

There are some noticeable UI changes, but I only spent less than a half hour with it, so I’m sure there are still some surprises.

There were some minor issues, for instance:

  • The new apps “Discover” area brings in news items, and that area did not have the graphics until I started scrolling to the other news items. There were also some errors in the log that seemed to be related (to the cache for this feature)
  • The CPU and Memory graphs are blank.
  • There were a handful of errors in the log from just after/around the time of the update (circles and groupfolders and app-discover-cache?), plus some ongoing. The ongoing ones are about Argument #10 ($metadta) being null resulting in TypeError regarding what seems to be group folder file versioning during expiration background job.

I run a test and production instance. On the test one, I got some issues with some apps, but core server seems fine. Issues seem to be when interacting with App data.

The UI is different, I think it looks both more bloated, as it seems as if the buttons and other layout assets take a bit more space. This is why I use a CSS script to make everything a bit smaller, but at the same time, it does in general look more crisp and modern. Which I really like. I do use the un-round app in order to remove a lot of the roundness found in the UI. Which I think makes it look less wasteful, space-wise. Mind you, that is just my preference.

I am not sure how I feel about the Discover app, it seems bloated and unnecessary, as the web-admin I do not need to have this type of end-user approach on this page. I just need to see what is disabled/enabled, the changelog, and move on. It would be great if there was an option to disable what to seem as huge waste of space of marketing over substance. I do not need to be marketed onto, since I can easily go to the App.Nextcloud page if I want to see more.

I do see some PHP errors on my logs, and an error while upgrading regarding some incorrect database entries for apps that had already been uninstalled long ago halted the update. Looked at the github and related issues have already been pointed at. In my case, the way the NC29 upgrade --or was it 28? As it happened as I upgraded past NC28-- reads the database created some problems which in my case, were easily fixed by going into the DB and deleting said left over entries. I would wager that some end-users may have issues fixing this, if they do not have access to the DB or may be hesitant to delete entries that they may not understand the context of.

It feels faster but that could also be due to having to disable a number of apps in order to deal with the errors, which is understandable.


And for the apps, we added again an overview of which apps still miss NC 29 support:


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I really appreciate that you indeed joined into the process of Beta-testing! :heart_eyes_cat:

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Has anyone tested File Locks with NC 29? It is a pretty big issue for us on 28.x at the moment.

Can someone fix the sqlite3 backend so it doesn’t error out and cause failures when upgrading? I’m currently using 28.0.4 and would love a smooth upgrade to 29.

Discussion: [Bug]: Upgrade to calendar 4.6.7 causes SQL error · Issue #44445 · nextcloud/server · GitHub
Pull request: Quote error with pragma_foreign_key_list() causes errors and upgrade failures. by kpneal · Pull Request #1767 · nextcloud/3rdparty · GitHub

I forgot to add reviewers when I opened the PR and now I can’t add any.

Sorry, as far as I can tell, I had not such issue.

I found some errors with the CirclesManager when opening the contact apps:

It seems like 29 logs me out of the browser pretty often. Much more/sooner than past versions.

We are already on the second RC release, please continue there:

If it still happens in RC2, a few more details would be good. “Twice a day”, or “every 15 minutes” are possible from your description.