Enable notification emails (Activity app) - not work

Hello everyone.

A strange problem.
Can’t turn on email notifications (Activity app).
I put a check mark, refresh the page there is no check mark.

Where to look?

NC 21

Here I put a tick. After reloading the page, the check mark disappears. Accordingly, notifications by mail do not work.


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@Artem2 had the same problem here, it appears to be a bug with the database (mysql 5.5 in my case) here’s how I resolved it make a backup first.
using mysql

1 enter mysql as root,
mysql -u root -p

2 check database name,
show databases;

3 enter your database,

4 check if value is no,
select configvalue from oc_appconfig where configkey="enable_email";

5 change the “enable_email” value to yes,
update oc_appconfig set configvalue = "yes" where configkey = "enable_email";

6 check if the value changed,
select configvalue from oc_appconfig where configkey="enable_email";

7 save and exit,


hope this helps!

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I have the same issue. But i’m using Sqlite, any idea how to do it there?

Edit: Answering myself:
Downloaded /owncloud.db
Use “DB Browser for SQLite” to edit the database
Uploaded modified db

However, this bug should be fixed.