Activity Emails not sent

we are currently facing an interesting issue. Our NC-server does not send any emails on file changes etc. anymore. Basically what could be set in the settings here:

Also the checkbox at “send activity emails” can not be checked. On page reload it is simply unchecked again. With that, the option for users to choose the hourly, daily, weekly or “as soon as possible” report is gone as well. We think this might be the root cause for not getting emails any longer.
Seeing this on two different instances, 21.0.4 and 22.1.1

Any ideas on how to fix this?

FYI, the test email from the smtp settings dialogue works fine.


This has already been discussed here. Please search for it.

Hi @rakekniven, thank you for your answer. I have searched the internet up and down and also this forum. However it did not result in an answer to this problem.
Could you kindly point me towards the discussion you are referring to? None of the keywoards we are trying seem to lead to a result…

I have no link at my hands otherwise I would have already added it. :upside_down_face:

Hi CPichler, here you have the link that has helped me to resolve the same issue than yours:

Brief, it seems that checkbox only works to change from “yes” to “no”. If you want to “enable” it, you have to issue a SQL statement.

I have to say that this issue is not resolved in NC22. I’ve it updated from 20 to 21 and then to 22 and nothing changes…

Still an issue with v22.2.0 ?

Yes, it is. Please note that unchecking the box works (SQL is altered). In the opposite, checking the box doesn’t mark the SQL field as “yes”.

Looks like a valid bug.
Has this already been reported to GitHub?
Otherwise it is worth to file a new issue.

Same for us (21.0.4.)
@rakekniven Can you create a bug report?

I can point you to the correct repository. See Issues · nextcloud/activity · GitHub

Please file an issue yourself and help the community.

For me it looks like that the issue was already discussed and tackled at GitHub:

Seems to be not interesting enough to be fixed :frowning:

Would be really cool if this could be looked into; it’s a bit frustrating having this confirmed bug in two stable versions before the current stable version. Then again, beggars can’t be choosers…

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I don’t know why my answer #11 was chosen to be the solution. That’s wrong. There is still no solution - at least regarding the initially mentioned bug “Our NC-server does not send any emails on file changes etc. anymore.”

The bug has been introduced with this Github change: merge file activity settings into a single 'favorite changed' item by icewind1991 · Pull Request #22205 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

And it looks like they have never fixed it :frowning: