Does my device support 64-bit?

Arm64 is now receiving full Nextcloud development, bolstered by the move to 4gb+ ram per device. This will gradually leave armhf and 32-bit devices behind.

This doesn’t make these older devices useless, but you will certainly want to confirm whether arm64 / aarch64 architecture is supported on your machine since it is required to run things like:

Matterbridge for Talk and other chat platforms
Collabora Office Suite

What devices are supported?

Please add devices to the wiki post that follows… Thanks!

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Please edit me and add more ARM devices. Links also appreciated!

32-bit Only Architecture

Odroid C1
Odroid C1+
Odroid HC1
Odroid HC2
Odroid xu4 / XU4
Raspberry Pi 1
Raspberry Pi 2
Raspberry Pi 3
Raspberry Pi Zero
Raspberry Pi Zero W

64-bit Supported Architecture! – arm64 armv8 aarch64

Raspberry Pi 3b+ – Heavily limited by 1gb ram.
Raspberry Pi 4
Raspberry Pi 400
Odroid C2
Odroid C4
Odroid HC4

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