32-bit Support is no longer available from Nextcloud. What are the Takeaways?

Nextcloud has deprecated 32-bit support as of July.

  • Here is the pull request
  • It has been in the works for three years already.
  • None of your 32-bit devices will stop working overnight.

Stay cool. Of course you can still install Nextcloud on your old device, but…
understand that development will focus on 64bit architecture specifically.

  • Older devices have a number of limitations since they were designed before today’s common technologies, such as gigabit lan or USB 3.0. More info at Why is my Pi 3, and older, so slow?

This is not a surprising event. We’ve been discussing it since 2020 when Nextcloud 20 was released and no longer supported 32-bit architecture for the Matterbridge Talk app, the News app, and more. It has proven inevitable and we continue to ride it out for as long as we can, but make the hardware upgrade if you’ve been using this project for 6 years. Read on for more info and much love to you! :heart:

Purchasing new hardware?

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Will NextcloudPi continue to provide pre-build images for 32-bit devices, such as the Pi 2?

The developer is still on a 32-bit device, so there is that. :laughing:
Do expect this to change moving forward since only a few people are still expressing interest in 32-bit.
You can also use the standard curl installation script on your 32-bit device to setup NextcloudPi.

If you are unsure of whether your device supports arm64 you can

If your device architecture supports arm64, but you installed 32-bit arm, you can follow this guide to migrate

Moving from armhf (32bit) to arm64 (Pi 4)

This is not a shocking or surprising development. Take a breath and read on.

Remember that none of your 32-bit devices will stop working overnight.
As time goes one it simply means we will continue to encounter more and more unresolved issues and incompatibilities.
Nextcloud has always been a complex project, so let’s be thankful to the team, Nacho and now Tobias for giving all of their support over the years. :heart:

If you are worried, consider upgrading your device. Even the Pi 4 is four years old as of 2022. :smile:

Got time for a quick poll?

  • 64-bit all the way.
  • I’m using a 32-bit installation, but my device supports 64-bit.
  • I’m currently stuck on a 32-bit device.

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