What modern hardware do you recommend for NextcloudPi?

Got specific hardware you recommend for new users? List it here.

You can also see this class thread going since 2016 titled Best cheap hardware to run Nextcloud on.

The rules

  • Must be 64-bit architecture. This means arm64, x86-64 or Risc-V or anything else that supports 64-bit.
  • At least 4gb of ram minimum.
  • Gigabit ethernet.
  • Please include a link and cost.

Devices or expansion accessories? Edit the post and list them below. :smile_cat:


My start was an old used laptop.
That’s not really a device but I recommend to use a used device which you anyway have around or from a local/online store for used devices.

Price tag is something around 80 -150$ + drives (+ more ram).

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full ack. old PC hardware often performs better than new low-level devices…

My 5y old core i3 Gen5 desktop runs 2 Nextcloud instances for the family and little more…

The electricity consumption per year would also be interesting. I think in Germany it is not worthwhile for most private users to operate a 24/7-Nextcloud at home. Especially if the system used is not being utilized by Nextcloud or other services.

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Why are the rules what they are?

I run an instance on a Nanopi Neo 2 with 512 MB of RAM just fine.

Such a small SBC is also not very power-hungry…