Should I use a Raspberry Pi?

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Hi, I’m looking to use NextcloudPi; should I use a Raspberry Pi?

You certainly can, but the Pi 4 is quite old with the last revision from 2019!

  • Pi 4 2/3/8Gb should be okay. Strongly recommend booting from SSD over usb.
  • Pi Zero 2 works, but no one has been impressed with performance.
  • Pi 3b+ is a poor choice, and also the oldest model that can support 64-bit!
  • Pi 2B works poorly. Curl script only. Unsupported.
  • Pi 3 works poorly. Curl script only. Unsupported.
  • Pi 1 and Zero very poor. Curl script only. Unsupported.

Best ARM Device for NextcloudPi

The best ARM device is not a Raspberry Pi! Surprise! It is a classic device, but competition is heavy these days.

For price vs. performance the most popular NextcloudPi ARM Devices are:

  • 8gb of ram or more
  • Gigabit ethernet
  • SATA slots or PCI-e.
  • SSD or NVME as your boot disk.

If you have further questions, be sure to ask on our Telegram chat or Community Forum. There are tons of other options available, which you can read about here.

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