Mission Impossible? RASPI4 and Hub3 aka NC25

Just wrecked my NC24 on Raspi4 with hitting the suggested “Update” Button… Used to work well for so many years now…

This upgrade option should only be available for 64bit machines. Please, guys… How many broken Raspi Nextclouds are out there now?


True, but also you can totally migrate raspi4 to arm64 image. Here are the details. Or you can restore a backup.

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NC 25 should still support 32-bit systems. Currently there is a bug that will be fixed in the next point release, you can apply the fix manually:

If that is your bug, you didn’t specify anything.

Absolutely. See this related request for removing broken 25.0.0 and 25.0.1 docker arm32 images. Or, rollback. Or, Wait for 25.0.2 fix