[Discussion] New Photo App in Nextcloud 18

I think not.

I just signed up to tell others how much you f*ck’ed up with this new photo app.

“Angry” or “pissed” are not the correct terms to describe what i feel like.

It might be okay to change an app in a stable update channel - but one better makes sure, that the new app at least can handle the same settings as the previous one did. You did nothing like that and published what i call a pure failure. It’s simply bad development without proper user information about what’s going on and what things will change. It’s bad in every way.

Your app really messed up my whole image administration (i’m running NC 18.0.4 atm).

All my public gallerys are gone. And i can’t even greate new ones the way i want to, because you still don’t provide a gallery view and no lightbox image viewer for public links. Do you really think someone wants to download an image just to see it? Seriously?

Your new app also doesn’t care about my .nomedia settings and shows just every file that is a graphic format. Every. Single. File. Guess what happens when one uploads some Software including it’s multiple graphics resources in a folder where normally no photo app should ever check the content.

Your Thumbnail generation is plain bullshit - when i click a thumbnail, i can’t predict what image will be shown. Sometimes it’s the photo of the selected thumbnail, sometimes it’s something completely different. Seems random to me. I can’t even re-build the thumbnails as i haven’t found a corresponding setting in the user interface.

The main reason why i switched from Owncloud to Nextcloud years ago, was because NC was way more stable and reliable than OC back then. While updating OC and the installed AddOns really was a pain in the ass, NC was just nice. And for many years i was really happy with it.

Now, you did this.

And you are perky enough to state, in some issue-thread about this new app, that the missing features are “technically hard to realize”. Seriously? The features that already existed for years in the old app are now hard to realize? You better stop publishing apps, then.

For months, i’m waiting for some update that at least resolves the more annoying problems with your photo app. Nothing happened.

I’m fed up now. I’'ve bought a home server and i’m currently creating and re-building my photo administration there. If that’s finished, i’ll just delete Nextcloud and never recommend it to anyone again, as i did for years.

It’s really sad to see usually good projects going down the drain like that. The only people that’ll keep using your sh*t are the ones that doesn’t know the difference.

Originally, NC was meant to be a safe place to store data online. What you did here is absolutely counterproductive and harms the whole project.

You really f*ck’ed up.

I’m out.


Reading this thread, it would be good for Nextcloud to release the old Gallery app to the App Store like the old plain Text editor alongside Text so people can use both in the meantime. Deprecations should be on top of the changelogs too probably.


I just want to remember, that it is possible to use the old gallery app in NC18.x


Yeah, that might work - if one has terminal access to a server working with git. Usually, shared hosting clients don’t have both.

Well, another “solution” would be to just program a photo app the way one likes.

I mean - of course NC admins should be able to do more than just click buttons. On the other hand, NC is intentionally designed to work exaclty like that.

So i’m not sure what NC users might do - but frankly, i don’t care anymore.

Waiting for fixes - a common thing. Waiting days, maybe even weeks - all fine. But… months, without any mentionable process? That tells a lot about the development cycle and the priorities.


I’m confused, how do you organise photos into folders? I don’t see any option to create folders in the photos app. I created a folder under Photos in the Files app, moved the default photos into it, but these changes don’t reflect in the photos app?

Edit: creating the folder in the Files app was reflected in the Photos app, but it took some time.

Never mind, it seems to me that something is fundamentally broken.

  • Fresh 19.0 install
  • Installed Android app
  • Deleted all photos in Android app
  • Refreshed the photos page in my NextCloud site - no photos
  • Added one photo in Android app that was auto-uploaded
  • Reloaded web page - one photo is visible
  • Clicked photo in browser, photo is shown full screen
  • Clicked Close button, photo closes
  • Now I have TWO photos showing in my web page, both the same photo
  • Reloaded web page, back to only one photo
  • Clicking one photo and closing ends with duplicate photo again
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What is the plan forward with the photos app? Is there a list of milestones, features or otherwise that is planned?

Unfortunately the current state of the photos app in NC18 and NC19 is very poor. And from what I gather from the issues on Github, it may not be possible to implement many of the features that (especially home users) expect.

Why not break off the development on this photos app and instead fork or integrate something like Piwigo or Lychee, both blazing fast. You’ve done this with other apps like mail and office.


I think it is not true. Check my links above.

Sreenshot of Synology Photo Station 6

Videos are displayed as well. Not necesarry to install a “preview generator” anymore to show thumbnails :slight_smile: And yes, videos don’t need to be transcoded to H.264 with AAC sound - the Synology Photo Station Uploader is doing it.


I’m not going to give you access to my NC just to prove that this is the very sad truth. Status right now - i just checked again, to make sure i didn’t oversee something.

Don’t get me wrong: It acutally is possible to click on that icon top right in a public shared album to display it in gallery view. But that isn’t the point - in the old app, i was able to decide how a public album would be displayed right on start, without having to toggle viewing settings.

In the old app, one could share an album directly in the gallery view.

This is not possible in the new app. It’s a feature that already existed and went missing with this f’ed up app change.


This is really funny - because right now i’m setting up my Photo Station 6, fiddling with the settings and permissions and what not :grin:

Throwing all in, a solution like Synologys or Qnaps or others home servers (NAS, or whatever you name it…) might be pricey, but - to me - worth every single cent.

(Cheaper self-built solutions might be possible using systems like FreeNAS or OpenMediaVault, but doing so, one needs more time to build and setup everything compared to a Syno or similar device.)

Yes. The new app is unfinished.

Nice feature

I think the app was new programmed.

Following @guddl’s recipe, I don’t think you need terminal access - you can do the git clone and wget on your own computer and FTP to the server?

Who does nothing makes no mistakes. I am really happy that the problem has been noticed by developpers. I would like to add that:

I was using gallery app for 2 reasons:

  • to be able to show the photos as matrix, which is much,much,much more impressing the viewer than a list of files or a regular grid of small thumbnails.

  • to share a link that will show as a impressing view to the receiving people (matrix view is very good for this purpose).

Both are related to presentation of photos. Which is ruined in this version.

“the grid view of files is quite OK too” - no it is NOT. Would you ask 2 people which photos are better showing them a matrix view on the left and a grid view on the right they will percieve the matrix photos as better ever if they are the same photos.

I don’t know what is the reason for a separate photos app if this is simply the same view as you normally have in folders view - you can also turn on the grid view. I do not see a reason to place the same thing in two different places in the menu. Maybe I am missing something but for me this is completely the same.

I would recommend to bring the previous version of gallery ‘as is’ for the people who liked it and who see no reason in ‘upgrading’ it to the version missing key features.


Code for the gallery app is here: https://github.com/nextcloud/gallery

Everyone is invited to fork the app. Rename it to gallery2, make it compatible with newer versions and publish it to the app store. I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate it :wink:


I was also very disappointed with all the established functions of gallery missing in the new photo app introduced with Nextcloud 18.

Now after 6 Month with NC18 and even with NC19 already published all functions to present my fotoalbum with a shared public link in a nice looking view are still missing. I am using Nextcloud in a shared hosting environment with no terminal access - so at first look I did not realize the ease of the solution of @kesselb and @guddl to keep the old gallery running in NC 18 and NC19:

Only one js file in the old gallery app has to be replaced!
has to be replaced by

Here is my php script:
located and started in the webspace of Your Nexcloud Root it will clone the gallery app in Your Nextcloud /apps path and replace the js file.

$myPath = rtrim(realpath(dirname(__FILE__)), '/') ."/apps" ;

$file_from = 'https://github.com/nextcloud/gallery/archive/master.zip' ;
$filename  = $myPath .'/GalleryfromGIT.zip' ;
file_put_contents($filename, file_get_contents($file_from));

$zip = new ZipArchive;

$myPath .= '/gallery';
rename($myPath .'-master', $myPath);

$file_from = 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cure53/DOMPurify/1.0.11/dist/purify.js' ;
$filename  = $myPath .'/js/vendor/dompurify/src/purify.js' ;
file_put_contents($filename, file_get_contents($file_from));

Echo 'Login in Nextcloud and activate Gallery App';

didn’t know about all the mess here, until i wanted to show some vacation pics today. took me half an hour figuring out what happened and finding this thread here… how comes this simple thing isn’t fixed yet? come on guys. dev’s duck and covered…?

so, being somewhat more productive - indeed the old gallery works perfectly with just one simple .js fixed. also no need for any terminal or script at all. just forked the gallery-master with couple of clicks:

download, rename (gallery), upload, activate. lot’s of fun.
credits to @kesselb @cure53 @guddl


It is possible to build in a face recognition to sort/mark the pictures? That would be great…

See https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/facerecognition

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Thanks a lot !
I was ashamed since 1 or 2 months !

I do not use nextcloud (not yet ?) in a professional context (non-profit associations only) but the management of the switch from gallery to photo is problematic. I hope this is a mistake and not a symptom, it would be problematic.