AppStore is empty

When choose ‘Apps’ in the Admin-UI I get no entries in the lower part of the list.

The upper entries ‘Your apps’, ‘Active apps’, ‘Disabled apps’ and ‘App bundles’ are filled at the right part of the page. But the lower entries ‘Customization’, ‘Files’, … (I assume that this is the AppStore) does not show an entry at the right part of the page.

It is possible to reach from the cli.

So I install apps manually. I unpack them and copy them to the apps folder. After the copy I check that owner and the rigths. This is sufficient for the most apps. But cms_pico is unable to activate after this.

How I get access to the AppStore?
How is the correct way to install a app manual at cli?

occ app:install

Ddo you have a slow connection perhaps? You might need to increase a timeout for it to load in the webui.

How I archive this?

Where is the place to increase the timeout?
In Log I see a lot of “GuzzleHttp\Exception\ConnectException: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 10000 milliseconds …” messages

Change line 404 in 3rdparty/guzzlehttp/guzzle/src/Handler/CurlFactory.php

increase 1000 to 10000

In lib/private/App/AppStore/Fetcher/Fetcher.php

On line 98 change the timeout from 10 to 30 or 90

in lib/private/Http/Client.php

On line 66 change the timeout from 30 to 90

These changes migh work for you if your connection is slow. They will also invalidate the code checks so nextcloud will complain on the update page.

They will also disapear when you upgrade nextcloud to a new version.


Updated one more file in my answer

Just wanna to said thank you, i was facing the problem since 4 days and your solution better ever wondering why wasn’t there even in github issue.

There are some about it. There has been talks to do all this as a background job instead. And also make the installation not apps as background jobs instead of how it works right now.

@SmallOne thanks a ton for this. I was having issues with external sites (GitHub and Twitter integrations, inbuilt email client, and app store, etc) timing out and not being reachable in Nextcloud 20.0.1. Applying the changes you mentioned appear to have fixed the issues (half an hour of tests so far).

In terms of learning more about what we’ve changed here, how are the time out parameters related to these functions? For instance, what are the function of “guzzle” and Http Client.php?


UPDATE: Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to fix my problem. I’ll have to open another topic to work this out.

What we are updating here are timeouts for external web requests. In some circumstances on a slow network these needs to be increased. And it might not solve all problems and it can depending on the installations cause a few issues ( i have not seen any so far tho but … there might be)

There also might be a few other issues that i havent encountered yet on slow links.

What do you mean by “occ app:install” ?

Although, increasing timeouts worked. Thanks :slight_smile: