OnlyOffice NAT Problem

I configured a new virtual machine with OnlyOffice only (nginx), configured the SSL certificate and activated HTTPS.
When I try to connect NextCloud to OnlyOffice with it works correctly.
After, I created a NAT rule on our firewall to forward traffic from pubblic IP:29443 to internal IP:443 and reconfigured NextCloud to access

But I get the error:
[onlyoffice] Error: HealthcheckRequest on check error: cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 60001 milliseconds (see
PUT /nextcloud/index.php/apps/onlyoffice/ajax/settings/address
from xx.xx.xx.xx by admin at 2020-02-03T08: 22: 11 + 00: 00

NAT seems to work: if I browse the page I am redirected to

Do you have any advice?

NextCloud version: 18.0.0
OnlyOffice version: 4.1.4

check this maybe help if it’s nextcloud issue

thanks zerone,
but the problem has not changed

hope this help:

Best Regards