Any apps not compatible with Nextcloud 26?

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The listed apps with their checkbox unchecked have currently no support for NC 26, whereas those with their checkbox checked are expected to be compatible with NC 26.

Please edit and link to bug reports that you created, and check the box once a new version of the app that is compatible with NC 26 is released.

@bug-hunters Fourth beta released. Also, see List of apps in need of a new maintainer.

Feel free to edit this Wiki Post. It is not exhaustive, just what was randomly added between the appstore and github repos.

Version 26:

^^ Please don’t forget to include github issue links if you want these addressed.


It is very unclear what the list here actually means.

Does each item mean that the item’s app is not compatible with NC 26? Or is that not the case, and it’s only if the item’s checkbox is checked, that the app is incompatible (or even the other way around)?

In other words; What does an app being listed at all mean, and what does the checkbox for an app being checked mean?

Please update the intro to the list so that it becomes clear how to read it :wink:

Yes. There was no version for NC26 released yet. Some just need to up the supported version number in their code and release a new version, others migth do a bit more.
Once it is fixed, the checkbox is set.

That is exactly what we need you to help us do. This is a volunteer effort, which is better than nothing. If you want to help improve it, then jump on those repo links and update this wiki document to point to the actual issues. Click the “edit” button on the top post to get started.

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Thank you, but I kindly disagree with this assessment.

I already changed it a bit. You can check some of the apps you’d like to have in NC26 and perhaps help testing them, or help out somewhere else (documentation/translation/testing/bug reports/…) if you’d like to contribute.

Hm, I wonder, the AppOrder app has a checked checkbox - that would suggest that it is compatible with NC26. Is that the case? I don’t think it is, but someone checked the box, hence the question.

I clicked pico-cms but I cannot undo checkmark again.

It is unchecked. Probably just needed to refresh your browser.

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Hello! Just upgraded my server to 26.0.3 (I guess today’s the first day it’s out of RC status) and although everything seems to work fine there was a notice in the process that:

The following apps have been disabled: groupfolders (incompatible), richdocuments (incompatible), spreed (incompatible)


Now the funny thing is that after the upgrade all of those things seem to work fine - in the apps list I have Group Folders, Nextcloud Office, and Talk, and a quick shakedown on all of them seems to show they are working as expected.

Has anyone else seen this, is there some obvious reason for the message that I’m missing and don’t have to be concerned about?

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Probably because the versions you had installed before the upgrade were not compatible with NC26. But I agree that these notices could be improved, I tend to ignore them.

Of course you have to (manually) make sure , that there is a compatible version of the apps you rely on, before upgrading to a new major version. However, with the core apps (the ones that are marked as “Featured” in the App Store) this is usually not an issue.

Perfect, was hoping it was simple as that. I do tend to keep as much as possible to the core apps, seems like a good policy if it can be managed.


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