Any apps not compatible with Nextcloud 25?

Please edit and expand as testing begins. @bug-hunters
Also, see List of apps in need of a new maintainer
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Feel free to edit this Wiki Post. It is not exhaustive, just what was randomly added between the appstore and github repos. Nextcloud 25 beta 1 was released on 8/12/2022. Also, see Nextcloud 25 milestones on github for details.

Version 25

NOTE: AppOrder is officially unmaintained and no longer compatible as of 25. Please remove it and consider Custom Menu instead.

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Please help improve this list of what apps are not compatible @bug-hunters

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Thanks, You can edit them into the first post. It is a wiki

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I just updated the list with all apps from the appstore that are available for NC24 but that are not published yet for NC 25.

Cool, do you have an efficient method for sorting through the appstore listings in this way you could share?

I just use the API to check the apps. What I can’t check if there are already open requests.

For me OnlyOffice, Antivirus, ransomware protection, readme.md_app

All you need to do is click the checkmark boxes in the top post.

News appears to have released a Nextcloud 25 supporting update yesterday. Issue fixed here: Incompatible with Nextcloud v25 · Issue #1945 · nextcloud/news · GitHub

Passwords has some major issues with styling that are fixed in the nightlies allowing the app to be usable again. More info here:

Please use the checkboxes in the top post to clarify which apps are now supported. You can also wiki edit it if anything is missing.


I did that as well. Just decided to also leave a comment so this stays up in the forum and is visible and people coming to the thread can see what the latest changes were.

Looking onto traffic in issues and commits in given repositories, one could conclude, that most of apps, remaining to port to NC25 are (almost) abandoned (although there could be version bump in .xml app metadata eventually) , except:

  • breezedark
  • emlviewer
  • files_external_ethswarm
  • impersonate
  • jitsi
  • pdf_downloader
  • socialsharing_*
  • sorts
  • souvenirs
  • transfer
  • workspace

ummm no. I could see there is work going on at least on these mentioned 3 apps from above´.

Maybe misunderstanding - it was meant that apps from stated (sub)list are promising - was it understand that way?

awwwww sorry. Didn’t read the word “except”… that made the 180° turn. Blond me :frowning: :blush:

No problem - thanks for your attention even so :slight_smile:

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