Can someone explain what this message means: [Apps have no compatible version for this NC version available

Let me start out with I love Nextcloud, I been working with it for over 5 to 6 years. I am at the point now that I really want to understand how it works. How it works, and how to make it work for me. I am working with version 24.0.6, on top of Ubuntu 24.1LTS server, and now I am being ask to up to NC-version 25.0.0. My problem is maybe ones or twice I did a upgrade and it ended up badly one time I lost my data an could not recover it. My question is how long should I wait before an upgrade.
Thanks .

Also can someone explain to me what this means:

the message is pretty self explanatory. Did you read it?

Regarding upgrading, you’re familiar with the concept of backups, right? if you’re worried about data loss, backup before upgrade. Simple. I’ve been upgrading for multiple versions now (running on kubernetes) and have not had any issue upgrading to stable releases…ever. However I still create backups before hand of critical stuff.

if you’re really THAT worried about upgrading, General advice is to wait for at least the first point release, so 25.0.1 before upgrading. If you’re REALLY paranoid, then you wait for .2 or .3, for more bugs to be ironed out, but usually the x.y.1 release is good enough to capture any issues that slipped out the door. Most companies that rely on stability however will always stay at least 1 version behind, so for example with kubernetes, people might be on 1.22 or so, when 1.25 is currently out.


The message may be self-explanatory, but it’s also often wrong. Some of the listed apps do have versions compatible with the next release, and more probably will soon. But yes, the best advice if you need all your current apps is to wait for a bit.

List of apps that are or are not yet compatible:

See folks talking about compatible apps being marked as incompatible:

In any case, you should backup your system before any update. In my case, I have my NC server on little KVM virtual machines, so I just create a snapshot and try the update. If something breaks, I just revert to the snapshot and everything’s fine :grin:

Actually, it just happened to me with the update to version 25, and Passman stopped working, so I just had to revert to the snapshot, and I’ll just be waiting for some new version of Passman before trying to update again.

My recommendation is to always bring down a full new version to a test server and hand check your required apps. I always play with ##.0.0 and ##.0.1 and then consider upgrading with ##.0.2. I looked at 25.0.0 and while it’s a remarkable milestone, certain apps are still not available for sure.

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Thank you Erich for your reply, And yes I did read it. My thought at the time was that every time I do a update the apps my or may not work with this upgrade and I just got my apps setup with the version I have now. In the pass I would up date NC login, look for the app and it not there, like Bookmarks, Pictures, Notes, etc. And being some what still new to NC, I was just looking for some advice on how to handle NC updates, again I thank you.

Thank you mactrent…

I know I should back up my NC server. Nextcloud is a great product, but for me the down side is you go thought all that time setting it up the way you want it or it just right. Boom there’ s a new update. So I will back it up and run a update every other update. Thanks Everyone all the best…

Just means that in most cases the developer hasn’t had time to validated that the APP will work without any issues before release so the app is disabled for safety. I personally have enable the APPs after the upgrade and never ran into any real issues. I would recommend setting up a regular schedule backup job to an external storage. This would provide a peace of mind in the event something goes wrong on your Nextcloud server.

Order, order! I think the Releases category is meant for announcements, not for support questions. Probably thousands of subscribers get an Email if you start a topic here.


Hopefully you’re running it virtualized. This way you can create a snapshot and attempt the upgrade. If it fails, you can rollback at the click of a button.
If its not virtualized, I’d highly recommend migrating your Nextcloud over to a VM for these exact scenareios.

For me personally, I always wait about 2 releases so that Nextcloud can iron out any unforeseen bugs in the upgrade process especially in a ‘Production’ environment.

I usually let the brave ones first.


The picture means you’re on the forefront… :wink:

I personally would not rush to update nextcloud to 25. It is still in beta and not actually a stable platform as yet.

As for the image you posted those apps are not currently supported under nextcloud 25 yet. So if you;re using any of those apps from the appstore definitely do not upgrade.

I also didn’t upgrade this time since it said the brute force plugin wasn’t compatible. Seems like an important one for security.

If it is really true that it isn’t ready for prime time, and is considered a beta release, it would be nice to not be pestered about upgrading on every device every time I login.

I have always assumed the releases for this backup software were stable. I guess I’m living in the edge and not realizing it.

I’m pretty sure it has been officially released. The update came via the stable channel for me. I let it do the update and it was fine. It did require manually running an occ command to add missing indexes but smooth compared to some updates. I have a daily backup of my Rocky Linux 8 server, so I don’t worry too much about updates going wrong.

Are you already in 2024 at your place ??? :grin:

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Backups are important. My setup is a bit different than yours in terms of backups. I am running NextCloud 24.0.6 as a container on ProxMox with SMB shares to my TrueNAS Core server where the data are stored. The web portion are stored within the container. So whenever I upgrade I make sure the snapshots on TrueNAS are current since that is where my important stuffs like pictures and videos reside at. Then take a snapshot of the container before upgrading.

TrueNAS takes a snapshot every few hours every day so I have something to revert back to in case something goes wrong.

Because I have so much data I have to use command line to perform the upgrade which is safer than doing it via the WebGUI.

Hey eredwood007

I would not just backup my Nextcloud before an update. Me, personally, I backup the whole data base every single night automatically via crontab and keep the backups for around 20 days. The rest gets deleted automatically. This way you should never run into an issue of not having your data base anymore.

I also highly recommend you to backup your data decentralised, because otherwise you won’t have anything left, if somethint happens to your house or appartment.

Best regards from Switzerland.

Before you ever upgrade your Nextcloud, make a backup from the nextcloud folder with tar and gz. After make a backup from your database. I use Mariadb and there it’s easy to make a backup from the nextcloud database.
mysqldump datebasename > backupfolder/backup filename.sql
You find in the internet how to use tar and gzip to backup folders.
And wait of the nextcloud last stable version.
In many times the apps are not compatible with the new version

This is the wrong approach:
First if you have data, that you don’t want to lose - make a Backup BEFORE setting anything up.
For Filedata on Linux, i recommend Luckybackup on a daily basis. Nextcloud can use any Filedata from scratch if in the location of the program, so it won’t ever get lost, having a Backup before!

Second - if you setup Nextcloud you will need some Database to store PIM and App-Data. To make a Backup of that Database is part of Database- Setup and should also be made there BEFORE setting NC up. After having NC setup, the backup my be adjusted to fit in those needs. I don’t know your Database and amaount of Data, so i cannot recommend any tool, but look at your Docs of the Database used.

In the end don’t panic if there is a new Version of NC. Its enough to slowly upgrade them from time to time if there is not a bug, that annoyes you much in you version.

Good Luck to you using this Product

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