Incompatible apps *not* disabled

In my lab environment, I’m running v24 but there is still an incompatible app “Two-Factor Admin Support” in there. When I upgrade it says it will be disabled:

However, after the upgrade, the app is still enabled and works fine. Is this a problem with the updater, i.e. should it have been disabled? If so, I’ll raise a bug report.

I also see this on nearly every update, even minor ones. I check the list of incompatible apps before starting the update, and then during the update, this screen will say that one or more apps that were not on the list will be disabled. When the update finishes, any apps that weren’t on the first list are magically enabled again.
Seems like a (minor?) bug in updater, but I haven’t filed or looked for a ticket for it.

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Has someone already checked GH for issues like that?

Not me as I find Github pretty difficult to navigate and not even sure what to search for.