Release of Collectives for Nextcloud 25.x

The newest major release, v25, is just out of the oven and I see that there were three betas for version 2.x of Collectives, thus the question: Is there an ETA for the new version?

1.5 does not seem to be compatible with v25 of Nextcloud.


Any time you have such questions you can simply check the github repo for the app as linked in the appstore, or test it yourself. The app is working fine on 25 when enabled imo. No need to ask, because you can look at the project yourself.

Nope, but it is a major app so should see constant development. It happens when it happens.

Not sure if your answer can be marked as a solution, you basically did not add new information.
And no, the app in its version 1.5 is not fully compatible with NC 25 as released.

There is no eta and you can simply use it as-is. Check the github repo if you are unsure and want to learn more.

Best of luck with it. Bye.

Again, not adding new information and slightly condescending.
But since you are marked as a documentation volunteer, I am sure you are adding value to this project outside this threat. Thus, thank you for your time.

For what is worth, I am using the latest version, Collectives 2.0.0-beta2, and it seems to be working fine for my needs.

Normally, some of projects/apps will usually never state ETAs. That is just how they operate.

How did you install the beta? Did you unwrap the tarball manually in the app folder, or can one opt in to betas?

Yup. Easiest thing is to download the file, extract it, delete the old folder and replace it with the beta one and Voila. Whole things takes about 2 minutes.

Yeah perfect, that worked for me, running 2.0 beta3 now and seems to work so far. The new features of the Text app, like TOC, do not seem to work yet, but it’s just a beta after all.

Dear @Gymnae thanks for bringing up the topic and @just for jumping in :relaxed:

We just released Collectives 2.0.0 for Nextcloud 25. It still has at least two known issues, but we’re working on them: