"Admin" and "Administrator" need to be aligned in source strings

Currently both of them are used.

“Administrator” has about 110 entries

“admin” has about 110 entries

I would prefer to select “Administrator”.

@Valdnet for your information.

What do you and others think?

Issue caused this discussion: Changed spelling and aligned to other resources. by rakekniven · Pull Request #28803 · nextcloud/server · GitHub


+1 for administrator

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after a quick thought about it: Administrator + 1

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Correctly and officially it is “Administrator” because “Admin” is a shortened version of administrator.

Ok, so a huge task is ahead of us :wink:

Having inclusion in mind, ‘administration’ is another option.

Makes it easier in other languages to establish a neutral expression.


This seems to be a good example of the discussion we had on gender neutral language and ways how to achieve it. What do you think, @jan ?