Your Storage is full

Just installed nextcloud on a Dedicated Ubuntu server that has 2TB of storage. I have 2.2GB uploaded to nextcloud and it says storage is full, files cant be updated anymore (screenshot:

as you can probably tell I’m a noob, any help would be greatly appreciated

Nextcloud version: 11.0.3 (stable)
Operating system and version: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
web server: Apache 2.4.18 (Ubuntu)
PHP version: 7.0

Can you check the status of your hard drives:
df -h

As well as the quota of the indivual user (users-page as admin user, or personal page of the user)? Do you use a 64-bit system?

here is the output of df -h:

screenshot of admin user page:

yes I am using a 64-bit system

Your root-partition is completely full. All your free storage is in the /home-directory. Move your data-folder to the home-directory or change your partition sizes.

Could you explain how to change partition size? Or would it be easier to move the data folder?

Nevermind, just deleted data folder and config.php then “reinstalled” to move the data folder. Thanks for all your help :smile:

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Could you explain exactly what you did here? Sorry for noob question.

Hi, more noob questions…

I really need help somehow. Our work group has no nexctloud admin anymore…

How do I expand storage?

I have the output of df-h (see piciture but this IsbIk is not found as a command?

Many thanks

It looks not as nextcloud issue. You probably needs to expand your ncdata partition and for this you do not need nextcloud admin, but rather your Service/Machine admin. As soon as you have an access to SSH, probably you could do this via added new HDDs, buying more S3 and expand or similar depends on where your service is running.

Many thanks.

We dont have a service/machine admin… totally on my own… yay…
Can you explain what you mean with S3?
So I need to buy new HDDs and put them somehow together (expand).
Our server is running on Ubuntu 18.04. we have our own small system.

Could you please provide more information about your environment? Is this VM, VPS from Amazon (S3 is kind of storage there), Local/remote Server/PC?
Also you can check installed HDDs capacity by running:

P.S. Check where is your data directory (where /var/www/nextcloud/ is path to your nextcloud installation folder):

Hi, we have WinSCP, putty and VMSphere to backup our data on our own small server. The os is EsXi. I can open putty via my PC remote but local as I only can open it from that one local PC here.
I found: lsblk

But the second part I cant found. What command do I need to type in? Sorry for all the noob questions. I have no idea how to manage that server…

This looks like a bunch of raids, you have few 4TB Physical drives bounded into 24TB. I believe this is at least 12 HDDs with 4 TB each bounded to the e.g. RAID-5 or similar.
You can check RAID status and config via command:

sudo cat /proc/mdstat

This a nextcloud config, you need to find where your nextcloud installation is saved. Usually it is under /var/www/nextcloud/, but in your case could be different.

How it is installed? Via snap, docker or manually?

Personally I believe that you’d better get some help from somebody who knows what he did and can really check (locally or remote via ssh(Putty)) what is installed and how it is configured, because in case of mistake you could potentially loose 24TB of data…