Where are the language settings for Collabora?


Hello, I have finally got Collabora working and it is great for editing documents already created. If I create a new document however, the default language is German. I do not know this until I edit the document in LibreOffice. Is there a configuration file anywhere where I can set the defaults for: language, margins, fonts, text size etc?


Collabora change language
Collabora Language

The empty document templates are coming from Nextcloud core. (core/templates/filetemplates/) They happen to be German documents. You can replace these.

Better template management is planned for future Collabora Online versions.


Thanks timar, I was able to replace the template.odt file with a UK version.


i’ve also been trying to find plain english (either UK or US) templates to replace template.ods and template.odt.

could you give me some pointers on where to find them?


You can save an empty document from desktop LibreOffice.


i did this but it doesn’t appear to be working as I expected.

i fired up desktop LibreOffice, set the default currency in Language to be AUD, launched LibreOffice Calc and confirmed it was still the same and saved a blank document called template.ods and placed this onto my nextcloud server in core/templates/filetemplates

i create a new spreadsheet, put some numbers in, highlight the column and click on the “$” button. the numbers appear with a pound sign.

i’ve unpacked the template to inspect inside. I can see the language set to GB which sounds correct, but I can’t see any reference to the currency setting.

i’m trying to get this running for Australian use, so we would use the UK dictionary with AUS currency.

in the desktop version of Calc, the currency and date format is working as expected. i know my template change must be partially working, since i now have “Sheet 1” at the bottom. With Nextcloud “out of the box” it was showing “Tabelle 1” at the bottom.

do you have any advice on what I might be doing wrong?