Using the same folder on dual boot windows / linux


I’m dualbooting my machine to arch linux and windows. My nextcloud folder is on a partition reachable from both os. Right now I’m only synchronizing the folder when I’m booting linux (what I am doing most of the time).
I don’t like to duplicate my data, because it would waste to much space. But sometimes I would like to upload data from windows instantly without having to reboot into linux (or using the web interface).

Can I safely activate the nextcloud synchronisation on the same folder on the windows side? Are there any differences in how the files / configuration / temporaries are handled that could lead to errors?


I have the same question, but I’m a step further: i did use the same folder (on an NTFS Partition) from Win10 and Ubuntu Linux. I experienced a “locked” folder, showing a yellow exclamation mark under Windows. I uploaded the folder in Linux. The files were visible in Windows, selectable in Explorer, but programs reported them as unavailable.

No answer to this that seems a common issue…