Nextcloud Client Dual Boot OS Setup – What the Recommended Setup?

I have just started a dual boot setup with 3 disks.

Disk 1: SSD with KDE Neon LTS 5.8
Disk 2: SSD with Windows 10
Disk 3: Hard Disk with NTFS (data)

I will be working on KDE most of the time but will be using Windows for adobe work (photoshop, etc).

I will have Nextcloud server setup on a Digital Ocean server. I will then setup the client to sync the data from NextCloud to Disk 3.

What the recommend setup for NextCloud client using this setup?

Can I have NextCloud Client on a dual boot setup (Windows & Linux) without it causing issue? Since it the same data on disk 3 both cleints are pointing to.

Should I only have NextCloud Client on KDE since it the OS I spend most my time on?
Then work I do on Windows (Adobe work) it will only sync up when I go back onto the Linux disk (KDE).

Thanks for reading my post everyone.

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