User howtos - where in this forum should they go?

I’m missing a section for User Howtos,
I understand that the existing Howto category addresses server side topics?

What I’d like to do is presenting nextcloud to users. I’ll need presentation material and concepts. I guess there are people out there that have already worked on that…

So lets talk and do it together, exchange presentation material and developing it further together.

Is there a section here where this kind of topics belong? If not, could we start one?

i see no reason why you wouldnt like to put that under howto?

of course you could do that. and even start something like that.
if you think that a wiki-thread would be better pls ask an admin to change that thread to make it a wiki (as long as you can’t do that yourself)

good idea!

rock on

Hi and welcome to the Forum!

I definitely don’t want to kill your spirit and motivation, just asking to better understand.
Isn’t the company Nextcloud GmbH already presenting Nextcloud to the users and the advantages of this software above Google Drive and Co.?
In case this is what you are seeking for, then there is a lot of material on the nextcloud web site.

What comes to my mind regarding advertising Nextcloud to users, is the aspect of language. All the ads and blog posts and “What’s New” is usually in English. Most people I’d like to advertise Nextcloud to, don’t speak English however.

Nonetheless, when you finished your howto, we could add it here probably:

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thats even better said. thank you @Schmu

thanks for your answers.
I did not find on the Nextcloud site what I was looking for, but maybe it’s there and I did not see it.

I plan to present Nextcloud to people that don’t know what it is, nor where to find it. Eventually they might not even know what a server is and what hosting means. And also not why it is worth to have your data on a server of trust with a trustworthy software.

If there is material that could help me start working on such a presentation support, please point me to it. I’m happy about any kind of useful link.

So, I guess I should start a thread in How-to section about this :wink: