Upload only / Auto-upload/delete folder on desktop client


Right my first post I hope that I’ve posted it in the correct forum etc.

So my suggestion / feature request is to port one of the functions from the Android client to the Windows client, which is the Auto-upload + Local-delete function.

On my phone I have set up an auto upload folder where my scans from the app “Microsoft Office Lens” are saved. I’ve combined this with the setting to delete the local copy after upload. This way, when I scan something the file is saved Nextcloud uploads it and deletes the file on my phone. I can then sync it with my desktop which is where I organizes my files and put them in the correct folders.

Would it be possible to get a similar function for the desktop apps? I can see it working in 2 different ways.

  1. An upload only folder - Nextcloud checks if there are any new files in the folder and uploads the files that are not present on the server but disregards if a file is deleted locally.

  2. Enable an option to auto-upload and auto-delete of the local file after upload like how the function works on Android.

I sync my server to 2 PCs and 1 phone. All photos taken on my phone are automatically uploaded with the local version left on my phone. On my main PC I sync the folder where the photos are uploaded from my phone and have all my .raw files there from my DSLR as well. However, I usually use my laptop with limited storage to transfer the files from my camera and would therefore prefer to set the option to “upload only” so that I later can delete the local files.

An official version of this would be preferred over any server side scripts / manual moving of files.


I think this would be very useful too. Other people seem to be looking for this or similar features, for example:

Is there a reason why this feature exists on the phone app but not on desktop?

I agree, this would be very useful for me too! I want to get rid of google photo’s, there never was a client for linux anyway, it would make a great alternative for me. Now I need to keep the photo’s on my laptop too, to keep them on the server (syncing), which, for this use case, is not wanted.
And indeed, it doesn’t make sense to ‘not’ have it on a desktop client while it already exists on a mobile client.

This feature would also make sense for me. My use case:

I have a Screenshots folder to which I auto-upload screenshots from all of my devices, and then delete the local copies so all of my screenshots are kept in the same place on my cloud. I also have a screenshots folder on my desktop that I would like to do the same with, but since the desktop client doesn’t have an auto-upload feature, I’m not able to do that yet.

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Me too!
I’ve just downloaded all my photos from Google and I’d like to upload the older ones (from before I had Nextcloud on my phone) to my nextcloud server. I’d like to be able to drop them in an upload folder and have the nextcloud server put them into year/month folders like the Android client.
Is that possible?

I think it is not possible. But maybe you can sort your photos with any tool on your client (e.g. Windows) and then drag and drop the folder with the sorted subfolders in your Nextcloud. Also you maybe can use the Nextcloud client (e.g. Windows) to upload the pre-sorted photos.